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Saiful’s success story in IT

Majedul Nayan, Staff Correspondent |
Update: 2013-11-03 04:27:43
Saiful’s success story in IT

FROM KUALA LAMPUR: Saiful Islam of Bangladesh is becoming the light in Information Technology (IT) in Malaysia. He has established himself in IT market by his merit, determination and hard labor.

There was a discussion with Saiful. He informed that there is enough scope of work in Malaysian IT market. This young IT specialist narrated a lively story on Saturday at Test of Asia of Time Square of the capital Kualalampur. Presently Saiful is working as a consultant at Agiga.com, an IT company of Malaysia. However he had to work hard for the last seven years to reach this position.

From the very beginning Saiful of Alamdanga under Chuadanga district had a desire to establish himself in IT sector. He completed his graduation in computer science and engineering from University of Asia Pacific in November, 2004.

He knew that if he wants to obtain Masters Degree abroad he will have to gather work experience.

When he decided to go Malaysia many asked him for higher degree why not in Australia or Canada but Malaysia where mostly laborers go. But I myself took decision to go to Malaysia for study.

With this strong desire Saiful finally landed in Malaysia on December 16 of 2006 after serving for two years in a private company in Dhaka. He got admitted in the best university of Malaysia MALAYA.

Interestingly while coming from Sipang airport he was asked by the taxi cab drivers whether I have come here as a laborer because the locals had only idea that the Bangladeshi people come here as a laborer. But he replied that he has come here for obtaining Masters Degree.

Saiful completed his first semester in May and started finding job somewhere but did not know that the student has no permission to work in this country. It needs working visa. He completed his second semester in November.

After completion of every semester I tried for job by sending my CV in different companies but there was no call from anywhere. However, while studying in 4th semester I got a call for interview from Agiga.com in the month of August of 2008.

I came to know lately that this organization employ the student as IT trainee. Next I faced the interview. It is to be mentioned here that in this country in IT sector importance is given on proficiency and experience not on certificates like our country.
Director of Agiga.com, a Chinese national Na Anthony informed me that here to obtain Masters Degree after doing Bachelor degree is a big thing and in this country the locals obtain diploma degree.

He further informed that not more than five percent locals take higher education. I told my experiences. He proposed to give me job with only conveyance as remuneration and asked me whether I agree to me if not I will have to do odd job.

In Kualalampur, Loyat Plaza of Bukit Bintang is one of the electronics markets of Asia. Many IT student studying in universities work here as salesman or work in cyber café which is known as odd job.

Saiful told that I have no headache for salary rather I was after a chance for a job. Anthony asked me to start the job and assured me for future chances.

Saiful told me that I took time to take the decision. However, I joined the job in December of 2008 with a salary of one thousand Ringit.

In Malaysia professional visa is a much honored document for the foreigners.

To make himself skilled this young man Saiful started doing extra labor than the required. He used to work from 9 Morning to 6 Evening. He stayed at the working place more than the working hour to learn work.

He told that it was not overtime just for own sake. I had worked hard only to have professional visa. To obtain that, I was to satisfy the employer.

Saiful told that I had to show my diligence, honesty and sense of responsibility. Whenever I was asked to do work I never refused. Even, I did many unknown work which I did not perform earlier.
Even in holidays they used to call me as the server has gone down accordingly I rushed getting the phone call. In August, 2010 at the last time of Masters when I was doing thesis, Saiful wanted to take a break for six months for studying and accordingly informed the company.
Anthony inspired me and told me to come back there as they would be waiting for me.  One day the chairman of this company Christina, a Chinese lady   gave me a telephone call to see her. She gave me a gift on the last day and asked me to join the job again after completing the examination. She also assured me of providing professional visa.

Saiful completed his Masters in March, 2011 and again I joined the company within a short time after they used to keep contact with me before completing my study. I finally joined there.

Then Saiful was given professional visa from the company. Saiful informed that in 2010 Malaysian government had announced that the immigrant IT professionals will be allowed to stay with their family.

EMDEC used to process the visa of IT professionals. After scrutinizing my documents they recommended for my visa. Another condition was that for EMDEC approval everybody has to be a bachelor degree. Two years visa was given.

Saiful’s visa period will be ending in next January and added that now I will get professional visa for three years. In 2009 Saiful got married after coming back to country. His wife Farzana has also studied in IT at United International University of Dhaka.  Farzana got a job in Napoleon Hills Associate, Malaysia which is a sister concern of Agiga.com.

Husband & wife, two IT specialists have composed a happy family in Malaysia. Saiful informed that his wife has an online butik shop with the Facebook address of (http://www. Facebook.com/ Fzbutik Bagsand Accessories) where she collects the orders of hand bag and send those to Bangladesh.
He inspires the Bangalee friends and juniors to work in IT to enhance his influence in the Malaysian IT sector. Meanwhile he got his brother in-law admitted in the University of MALAYA.

He also helped a friend of Farzana to get employment in his own company. To the people who want to work in IT sector his message is that here it is very difficult to get professional visa.

There are good universities here. If Masters or other higher degrees can be obtained then good jobs are available. Professional visa will also be available.  In this field no one should contact any agent rather should try of his own.

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