Thursday, 05 Aug, 2021


Bill Gates, Melinda Gates officially divorced 

Three months after they first announced their split following 27 years of marriage, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates are officially divorced. The marriage's dissolution was finalized by a judge Monday in King County, Washington, according to court records, which detailed that

Job application of Steve Jobs auctioned for 2.5cr

Steve Jobs, the founder of technology giant Apple, has been an inspiration to many. There are many books about Steve Jobs in the market. Many of you may know a lot about Steve Jobs, but very few people know that Steve Jobs applied for his job. Steve Jobs applied for the job in 1973 and

Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson not yet astronauts, US says

In a move that pours cold water on the dreams of a few billionaire space explorers, the US has tightened its definition of the word "astronaut". New Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules say astronaut hopefuls must be part of the flight crew and make contributions to

50,000 phone numbers worldwide on list linked to Israeli spyware

An Israeli firm accused of supplying spyware to governments has been linked to a list of 50,000 smartphone numbers, including those of activists, journalists, business executives and politicians around the world, according to reports Sunday. Israel's NSO Group and its Pegasus

Unique Business Systems launches all-in-one service 

As online activities are increasing in the country day by day, the popularity of electronic devices is going up. The demand for all electronic products including mobiles, desktops, laptops, tab projectors has increased simultaneously.  Although the differences in the products are

Misinformation on Facebook killing people: Biden

US President Joe Biden has warned that the spread of Covid-19 misinformation on social media is "killing people". He was responding to a question from a reporter about the alleged role of "platforms like Facebook" in spreading falsehoods about vaccines and the

Jeff Bezos Donates Record Breaking $200 Mn To Smithsonian

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos will donate $200 million to the Smithsonian, the largest gift in the history of the institute, a statement said Wednesday. A $70 million portion of the donation will support the renovation of the National Air and Space Museum while $130 million

Google boss warns of threats to free internet 

The free and open internet is under attack in countries around the world, Google boss Sundar Pichai has warned. He says many countries are restricting the flow of information, and the model is often taken for granted. In an in-depth interview with the BBC, Pichai also addresses

Biden vows US action over Russian cyber-attacks

President Joe Biden has told President Vladimir Putin the US will take "any necessary action" to stop cyber-attacks from Russia, the White House says. A reporter asked Mr Biden after the hour-long phone call if Russia would face consequences, and he said: "Yes."

Gates Foundation agrees break-up back-up plan

The Gates Foundation has outlined back-up plans in case its co-chairs cannot work together in the wake of their divorce. The deal gives Bill and Melinda Gates a two-year trial, after which Ms Gates could resign from the organisation. Under the agreement, Ms Gates would also receive

Putin signs law forcing foreign social media giants to open Russian offices

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that obliges foreign social media giants to open offices in Russia, a document published by the government on Thursday showed, the latest move by Moscow to exert greater control over Big Tech. The Russian authorities are keen to strengthen

AirCar: Convertible 'flying car' takes to the sky

A prototype flying car has completed a 35-minute flight between international airports in Nitra and Bratislava, Slovakia. The hybrid car-aircraft, AirCar, is equipped with a BMW engine and runs on regular petrol-pump fuel. Its creator, Prof Stefan Klein, said it could fly about

India successfully test-fires Agni Prime - new missile in Agni series

India successfully test-fired the nuclear-capable Agni Prime ballistic missile - a more advanced version of the Agni class of missiles - from a location off the Odisha coast on Monday morning. A statement by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, or DRDO, said the

Lenovo to assist women entrepreneurs in improving digital skills

Lenovo, a popular technology product brand, has come up to assist women entrepreneurs associated with F-Commerce in the country by providing tech products at affordable rates and with special payment facilities.  Smart Technologies BD Limited, a leading tech product provider in

Anti-virus creator John McAfee found dead in prison cell 

Anti-virus software entrepreneur John McAfee has been found dead in a Barcelona prison cell hours after a Spanish court agreed to extradite him to the US to face tax evasion charges. The Catalan Justice Department said prison medics tried to resuscitate him, but were not successful.

Warren Buffet resigns from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Warren Buffett is resigning as a trustee from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The announcement comes weeks after Bill and Melinda Gates announced that they were divorcing after 27 years of marriage but would continue to jointly run the foundation, one of the largest charitable

Fake ads on Facebook spoil real life fairy story

Robin Wight makes impressive wire sculptures of fairies and dandelions which have won the admiration of hundreds of thousands of people online. Photographs that he has taken of his artwork have appeared in adverts on Facebook. The only thing is, Robin does not advertise. The

Youths going astray by using TikTok, Likee

Many young people are going astray by using apps, including TikTok, Likee and Bigo, as the controversial apps are sending wrong messages to them in the name of modern entertainment. Experts said there is nothing educational in those platforms while the young generation is going off the

Shenzhou-12: China launches first crew to new space station

China has launched three astronauts into orbit to begin occupation of the country's new space station. The three men - Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo - are to spend three months aboard the Tianhe module some 380km (236 miles) above the Earth. It will be China's

Cybercrimes galore on social media

Social media has turned into a tool for committing various crimes as the communication apps, especially facebook-run platforms, are being used for character assassinations, sexual harassment as well as extortion. In most cyber-crimes, the victims are women in rural areas. Criminals