Wednesday, 08 Feb, 2023


Twitter bans journalists covering the platform and Elon Musk

Twitter on Thursday suspended the accounts of several journalists who have been covering the company and Elon Musk's takeover of the company. The move comes a day after the social media platform changed its policies revolving around accounts which tracked private jets, including a

Elon Musk sells $3.6bn of shares in electric car maker Tesla

Multi-billionaire Elon Musk has sold another 22 million shares, worth $3.58bn (£2.9bn), in the electric car maker Tesla. The shares were sold on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, according to a filing with a US financial regulator. It brings the total of Tesla

NASA’s Orion capsule returns to Earth after lunar mission 

NASA’s Orion capsule has splashed down in the Pacific Ocean after making an uncrewed voyage around the Moon, winding up the inaugural mission of the US space agency’s Artemis lunar programme 50 years to the day after Apollo’s final Moon landing. The gumdrop-shaped

Nasa's Orion capsule on target for splashdown

The US space agency Nasa is all set to bring home its Orion capsule. The spaceship, which has been on a three-week journey around the Moon, is targeting a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean off California. Uncrewed for this test flight, the capsule is expected to carry astronauts on

On-again, off-again Twitter subscription service to be relaunched

After several false starts, Twitter announced on Saturday it would relaunch its subscription service next week, including a system for authenticating accounts on the platform. "We're relaunching @TwitterBlue on Monday -- subscribe on web for $8/month or on (Apple's) iOS

Twitter had ‘secret blacklists’ to limit users, journalist claims

Twitter created “secret” blacklists to limit the visibility of “disfavored tweets” and certain right-leaning accounts, independent journalist Bari Weiss has claimed, citing an investigation based on internal company documents. Weiss, a former New York Times

Elon Musk turns Twitter into 'hotel' for staff

The BBC has been given photos of Twitter office space that has been converted into bedrooms, which San Francisco authorities are probing as a possible building code violation. One image shows a room with a double bed, including a wardrobe and slippers. An ex-worker said new Twitter

iPhone chip-maker TSMC invests $40bn in Arizona plants

Computer chip giant TSMC says it will more than triple its investment in a giant US plant to $40bn (£33bn). It is one of the largest foreign investments in American history. The announcement came as President Joe Biden and the Taiwan-based firm's boss opened the factory in

Meta threatens to remove US news content

Meta has threatened to remove news content from Facebook in the US. It objects to a new law that would give news organisations greater power to negotiate fees for content shared on Facebook. A similar law, passed in Australia, led to news on Facebook being briefly suspended last

Chinese astronauts return to Earth after 6-month mission

Three Chinese astronauts have returned to Earth after completing a six-month mission aboard China's space station. They left for space on 5 June to oversee the final construction stage of the Tiangong space station, which was completed in November. The crew touched down on board

US unveils high-tech B-21 stealth bomber

The Air Force on Friday unveiled its newest stealth bomber aircraft, the B-21 Raider, in Palmdale, California. Built by Northrop Grumman, the bomber was named in honor of the “courageous spirit” of airmen who carried out the surprise World War II Doolittle Raid. The

WhatsApp may soon allow users to search messages by date

With several new features, the meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is continuously working on enhancing the user experience. The messaging app has rolled out several new features like emoji reactions for messages, surveys, transferring chats between iOS and Android, muting

iPhone maker offers payments for finding new workers

Apple supplier Foxconn is ramping up efforts to recruit workers after unrest at the world's biggest iPhone factory. Employees who successfully refer a friend or family member to work at its plant in Zhengzhou, China will receive a 1,000 yuan award ($141; £117). It comes

San Francisco to allow police 'killer robots'

San Francisco's ruling Board of Supervisors has voted to let the city's police use robots that can kill. The measure permits police to deploy robots equipped with explosives in extreme circumstances. Dr Catherine Connolly, from the group Stop Killer Robots, said the move was

Elon Musk's Twitter lifts rule against COVID misinformation

Twitter will no longer enforce its policy against COVID-19 misinformation, raising concerns among public health experts that the change could have serious consequences if it discourages vaccination and other efforts to combat the still-spreading virus. Eagle-eyed users spotted the

China sends new crew to Tiangong space station

Three Chinese astronauts have taken off for the Tiangong space station to make its first in-orbit crew handover. It will be the second permanently inhabited space outpost, after the Nasa-led International Space Station from which China was excluded in 2011. The fresh crew will live

Apple Has Threatened to Pull Twitter From App Store, Musk Claims

Elon Musk unleashed a stream of confrontational Twitter posts directed at Apple — including claiming that the tech giant has threatened to remove the Twitter app from the Apple App Store without providing a reason for doing so. “Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter

NASA Orion spacecraft enters lunar orbit: officials

NASA’s Orion spacecraft was placed in lunar orbit Friday, officials said, as the much-delayed Moon mission proceeded successfully. A little over a week after the spacecraft blasted off from Florida bound for the Moon, flight controllers “successfully performed a burn to

US bans sale of Huawei, ZTE tech amid security fears

The US has banned the sale and import of new communications equipment from five Chinese companies, including Huawei and ZTE, amid concerns over national security. Other companies listed include Hikvision, Dahua and Hytera, which make video surveillance equipment and two-way radio

Amazon workers stage walkouts, protests on Black Friday

Amazon employees and their supporters have rallied in dozens of countries to protest against the retail giant’s labour policies, according to campaigners. From Germany and France to the United States, from India to Japan and the United Kingdom, Amazon’s employees downed