Thursday, 22 Feb, 2024


Japan space agency spacecraft lands on the moon

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on Friday said its Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon (SLIM) has landed on the lunar surface, but the spacecraft was not generating solar power. SLIM, also known as the "moon sniper," was attempting an unprecedented

Sheryl Sandberg to step down from Meta board

Former chief operating officer of Meta Sheryl Sandberg is leaving the company's board of directors. Ms Sandberg, one of the most high-profile women in the tech industry, said that "this feels like the right time to step away" as Meta is "well-positioned for the

Apple watch: US upholds ban on sale over patent dispute

Apple has once again been banned from selling two smartwatch models in the US, while a legal battle continues over a patent dispute. The tech giant was earlier allowed to sell its Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches while proceedings were ongoing - but a US appeals court has since reversed

Turkish defence firm Havelsan introduces indigenous AI-based assistant

Turkish defence firm Havelsan developed the country’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based virtual assistant specialising in natural language processing, scheduled to be made public on February 1. The AI-based assistant runs on the “indigenous GPT model,” or Generative

AI set to impact 60% of jobs in developed economies: IMF

Artificial intelligence (AI) could affect 60% of jobs in developed economies, according to a study published by the International Monetary Fund ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The study predicted that around half of those jobs will be negatively affected by AI, while the

AI to hit 40% of jobs and worsen inequality, IMF says

Artificial intelligence is set to affect nearly 40% of all jobs, according to a new analysis by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). IMF's managing director Kristalina Georgieva says "in most scenarios, AI will likely worsen overall inequality". Ms Georgieva adds

Nuclear battery produces power for 50 years without needing to charge

A Chinese startup has unveiled a new battery that it claims can generate electricity for 50 years with the need for charging or maintenance. Beijing-based Betavolt said its nuclear battery is the first in the world to realise the miniaturisation of atomic energy, placing 63 nuclear

At CES, gadgets to make everyday life easier

Technology is often designed to lighten the load from the everyday — and brushing your teeth or using the toilet are no exception. Here are some highlights from the array of gadgets on display at the Consumer Electronics Show intended to make the mundane more efficient:

Our fingerprints may not be unique, claims AI

There is a belief that each fingerprint on one person's hand is completely unique but that is now being challenged by research from Columbia University. A team at the US university trained an AI tool to examine 60,000 fingerprints to see if it could work out which ones belonged to

Artemis: Nasa delays crewed return to the Moon's surface

US space agency astronauts won't get to walk on the Moon again until September 2026 at the earliest. It represents a slip of a year in the previously targeted date for the return of humans to the lunar surface that was last achieved in 1972. Nasa says the delay to what's

Aditya-L1: India's Sun mission set to reach destination in hours

India's first solar observation mission is set to reach its final destination in a few hours. On Saturday, the space agency Isro will attempt to place Aditya-L1 in a spot in space from where it will be able to continuously watch the Sun. The spacecraft has been travelling

Smart Election Management App provides all election info

Smart Election Management App introduced by the Election Commission (EC) provides all kinds of information related to polls. This app enables citizens to access comprehensive election information, including details about all seats in every division of the country. Election

SpaceX accused of unlawfully firing staff critical of Elon Musk

SpaceX has been accused of unlawfully firing eight workers who were critical of its multi-billionaire chief executive Elon Musk. A complaint by a US labour agency says the employees sent an open letter to the firm's executives in 2022, detailing workplace concerns. The letter

Chinese spy balloon 'linked' to US-based internet provider

The US claimed that a Chinese spycraft, which traversed above the US earlier this year, was in communication with China through the services of a US-based internet provider. Unnamed US intelligence officials alleged that, based on investigations, a US internet company provided services

Microsoft’s Copilot app now available on iOS

Just days after introducing a Copilot app on Android, Microsoft has rolled out an app for its AI chatbot on iOS and iPadOS. Both versions of the app are now available to download from the Apple App Store. The app gives you access to Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) and works

The Times Sues OpenAI and Microsoft Over A.I. Use of Copyrighted Work

The New York Times sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement on Wednesday, opening a new front in the increasingly intense legal battle over the unauthorized use of published work to train artificial intelligence technologies. The Times is the first major American media

Apple to halt US sales of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

Apple will pause sales of its Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches in the US this month as the result of an ongoing legal battle with health tech company Masimo.  The US International Trade Commission, the federal agency that handles trade-related mandates, previously

Europe counts down to Ariane 6 rocket's maiden launch in mid-2024

Josef Aschbacher, director general of the European Space Agency (ESA), confirmed the dates for Ariane 6's long-awaited debut flight following the success of a key test on 23 November. Speaking to RFI, Aschbacher called the test at Europe's spaceport in French Guiana

SpaceX delays US robot spaceplane liftoff for safety checks

SpaceX said it was targeting, December 28 for the launch of the United States military's X-37B robot spaceplane on its seventh mission to orbit. "Now targeting no earlier than Thursday, December 28 for Falcon Heavy to launch USSF-52 to orbit from Florida," SpaceX said in

Pope Francis urges global treaty on AI ethics for a safer future

Pope Francis has called for world leaders to adopt a global treaty on the use of artificial intelligence to ensure it is used ethically. The 86-year-old pontiff appealed in a six-page message published ahead of the Catholic Church's World Day of Peace on January 1, which this year