Sunday, 22 May, 2022


Ukraine invasion: Russia restricts access to Facebook

Russia has limited access to Facebook over the platform's stance on the accounts of several Moscow-backed news outlets amid the invasion of Ukraine. Russia's communications regulator Roskomnadzor accused the network of "censorship" and violating "the rights and

UK keen to collaborate with Bangladesh ICT sector

The United Kingdom (UK) is keen to collaborate with Bangladesh for the development of its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.  It was said at a meeting of British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Chatterton Dickson with the Executive Council of Bangladesh

Webinar on Online teaching and learning: ‘Retrospect and Expectations' held 

A webinar on Online teaching and learning: ‘Retrospect and Expectations' was organized by The Monthly Techworld Bangladesh in associate with of WhiteShell (The MSI product Distributor of Bangladesh) and the Canadian University of Bangladesh that held on Saturday (Feb 12) on the

Billionaire launches criminal case against Facebook 

An Australian billionaire has launched a criminal case against Facebook, alleging the company failed to prevent scam ads that used his image. Andrew Forrest argues Facebook breached Australian anti-money laundering laws over the spread of cryptocurrency cons. He said it was the

North Korea missile tests: Photos from space released

North Korea has released photographs which it said were taken from its most powerful missile launch in five years. The unusual pictures taken from space show parts of the Korean peninsula and surrounding areas. Pyongyang confirmed on Monday it had tested a Hwasong-12 intermediate

Sony slides on Microsoft-Activision Blizzard tie-up plan

Shares in Japanese technology giant Sony have slumped in Tokyo trade after Microsoft said it plans to buy mega games company Activision Blizzard. The deal worth $68.7bn (£50.5bn), would be Microsoft's biggest ever buyout and the largest deal in gaming history. It would see

Wealth of world's 10 richest men doubled in pandemic: Oxfam 

The pandemic has made the world's wealthiest far richer but has led to more people living in poverty, according to the charity Oxfam. Lower incomes for the world's poorest contributed to the death of 21,000 people each day, its report claims. But the world's 10 richest

Lawsuit: Google, Facebook CEOs colluded in online ad sales

Newly unredacted documents from a state-led antitrust lawsuit against Google accuse the search giant of colluding with rival Facebook to manipulate online advertising sales. The CEOs of both companies were aware of the deal and signed off on it, the lawsuit alleges. The original,

France fines Google and Facebook over cookies

French regulators have hit Google and Facebook with fines totalling 210m euros (£175m) over use of cookies, reports BBC. Data privacy watchdog the CNIL said both sites were making it difficult for internet users to refuse the online trackers. Consent for the use of cookies is

Tesla criticised after opening Xinjiang showroom

Electric car maker Tesla has been criticised in the US after opening a showroom in China's controversial Xinjiang region. The company, headed by billionaire Elon Musk, opened the showroom in the city of Urumqi on New Year's Eve. However, the move has been welcomed by some in

Apple becomes first firm to hit $3tn market value

US technology giant Apple has become the first company to hit a stock market valuation of $3tn (£2.2tn). The firm's share price has risen by around 5,800% since co-founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007. However, its value slipped a

Elon Musk rejects claims that his satellites are hogging space

Elon Musk has rejected claims that his Starlink satellite internet project is taking up too much room in space. "Tens of billions" of satellites can be accommodated in orbits close to Earth, he told the Financial Times. His comments come after a claim by the head of the

Elon Musk criticised after China space complaint to UN

Elon Musk is facing a social media backlash after China complained that its space station was forced to avoid collisions with satellites launched by his Starlink Internet Services project. The country's space station had two "close encounters" with Starlink satellites,

James Webb Space Telescope lifts off on historic mission

The $10bn James Webb telescope has left Earth on its mission to show the first stars to light up the Universe. The observatory was lifted skyward by an Ariane rocket from the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana. Its flight to orbit lasted just under half an hour, with a signal

James Webb Space Telescope ready to make history

The biggest space telescope ever conceived is scheduled to go into orbit in the coming hours. The $10bn James Webb Space Telescope will be launched on a European Ariane rocket from French Guiana. It's a project that has taken 30 years to design and build and is regarded as one

Boeing and Airbus warn US over 5G safety concerns

Bosses from the world's two biggest plane makers have called on the US government to delay the rollout of new 5G phone services, reports BBC. In a letter, top executives at Boeing and Airbus warned that the technology could have "an enormous negative impact on the aviation

Perfectly kept dinosaur embryo from 66 million years ago found

Scientists have announced the discovery of an exquisitely preserved dinosaur embryo from at least 66 million years ago that was preparing to hatch from its egg just like a chicken. The fossil was discovered in Ganzhou, southern China and belonged to a toothless theropod dinosaur, or

CodersTrust now a leading skills development US company with Global presence

CodersTrust, a global Digital Skills Training Company, led by international business leader Aziz Ahmad, a visionary technology entrepreneur, is now head-quartered in the United States of America. Mr. Ahmad co-founded CodersTrust Global in 2014 with a dream of bringing digital skills

Indian PM Modi's Twitter hacked with bitcoin tweet

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Twitter account was hacked with a message saying India had adopted bitcoin as legal tender and would distribute it to all citizens. The tweet was swiftly deleted and his office said the account had been very briefly compromised. It is the

Why Indian-born CEOs dominate Silicon Valley

Parag Agrawal, who was appointed this week as Twitter's CEO, has joined at least a dozen other Indian-born techies in the corner offices of the world's most influential Silicon Valley companies. Microsoft's Satya Nadella, Alphabet's Sundar Pichai, and the top bosses of