Sunday, 25 Feb, 2024


Arm: UK chip designer to the world in $54bn market return

UK-based chip designer Arm Holdings has secured a $54.5bn (£43.6bn) valuation, as it makes its highly-anticipated return to the stock market. The shares were priced at $51 each, which is at the top of the range that had been indicated to prospective investors. It makes the

Google denies abusing power to dominate online search

Google has dismissed arguments that it is the world's biggest search engine because of illegal practices, saying to switch to another company takes "literally four taps". A lawyer for the company made the remarks in court in Tuesday in Washington DC, where it is facing

Apple forced to ditch lightning charger in new iPhone

Apple has confirmed its new iPhone will not feature its proprietary lightning charging port, after the EU forced the change. The tech giant said that the iPhone 15, unveiled at its annual event on Tuesday, would use a USB-C cable as the "universally accepted standard". A

EBL introduces wearable payment solutions in Bangladesh

Eastern Bank Limited (EBL), in collaboration with Mastercard, today (September 12) unveiled “WEAREBL,” a range of the country’s first revolutionary wearable payment device featuring cutting-edge NFC technology.  Users can Pop, Tap and Pay – all in one

Can new Apple iPhone 15 thunder without lightning?

As I write this there are still several hours before Apple unveils the latest version of its best-selling product, the iPhone. In the last few weeks we've seen the handset come under pressure separately from both the EU and China. Globally, smartphone sales in general are slowing,

Musk says he withheld Starlink over Crimea to avoid escalation

Elon Musk says he refused to give Kyiv access to his Starlink communications network over Crimea to avoid complicity in a "major act of war". Kyiv had sent an emergency request to activate Starlink to Sevastopol, home to a major Russian navy port, he said. His comments

Apple shares slide after China government iPhone ban reports

Shares in Apple have fallen for a second day in a row after reports that Chinese government workers have been banned from using iPhones. The firm's stock market valuation has fallen by more than 6%, or almost $200bn (£160bn), in the last two days. China is the technology

India's solar mission sends 'selfie' on way to Sun

The Indian space agency Isro has shared the first images sent by the country's solar observation mission as it makes its way towards the Sun. Aditya-L1 lifted off on Saturday and is on a journey that will take it 1.5 million km (932,000 miles) from the Earth - 1% of the Earth-Sun

China bans use of iPhones for government officials

Chinese government officials have been reportedly prohibited from using Apple's iPhones while at work, in a move that is seen to further escalate the tech rivalry between the US and China. The ban also adds a new impediment to Apple's operations in one of its most significant

Japan launches rocket carrying ‘Moon Sniper’ lunar lander

Japan has launched a rocket carrying its lunar exploration spacecraft as the country looks to become the world’s fifth to land on the moon. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said the homegrown H-IIA rocket took off from Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan on

Ukraine war: Cyber-teams fight a high-tech war on front lines

Ukraine cyber-operators are being deployed on the front lines of the war, duelling close-up with their Russian counterparts in a new kind of high-tech battle. "We have people who are directly involved in combat," says Illia Vitiuk, the head of the Ukrainian Security

‘X’ accused of helping Saudi Arabia commit rights abuses

THE social media company X, formerly known as Twitter, has been accused in a civil US lawsuit of helping Saudi Arabia commit grave human rights abuses against its users, The Guardian reported. The report accuses the social media firm of, among other things, disclosing confidential user

New iPhone, new charger: Apple bends to EU rules

Apple's latest iPhone will almost certainly feature a USB-C charge point when it is unveiled on 12 September. The firm's phones currently use its proprietary Lightning adaptor, unlike rivals, including Samsung. A European Union law requires phone manufacturers to adopt a

Google's search for an AI future as it turns 25

The tech giant Google and I almost share the same birthday... give or take a few years. Google turns 25 this month (I'll have a few more candles on my cake) - and finds itself in a tech landscape that has changed dramatically since founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started it in

India successfully launches first mission to Sun

India has launched its first observation mission to the Sun, just days after the country made history by becoming the first to land near the Moon's south pole. Aditya-L1 lifted off from the launch pad at Sriharikota on Saturday at 11:50 India time (06:20 GMT). It will travel 1.5

China's Baidu rolls out ChatGPT rival to public

The Chinese government introduced fresh regulations this month for AI developers, aiming to allow them to stay in the race with the likes of ChatGPT maker OpenAI and Microsoft while tightly controlling information online. ERNIE Bot is the first domestic AI app to be fully available to

Meta’s news ban fuels anger amid Canada wildfires

As fires raged in Canada’s vast Northwest Territories earlier this month, officials rushed to evacuate tens of thousands of people before the flames could reach the capital of Yellowknife. A citywide evacuation deadline loomed and ensuring residents had access to accurate

Terry Gou: The Taiwan iPhone billionaire who wants to be president

Terry Gou, a 72-year-old billionaire and founder of iPhone maker Foxconn, has become the latest to join the race for Taiwan's presidency. Mr Gou is a charismatic businessman with a great rags-to-riches story, pots of cash, and serious name recognition. Observers in Taipei say if he

Musk's X introduces job listing feature for verified users

In the latest move, Elon Musk-led X, formerly Twitter, has introduced a feature to post job listings for verified organisations on the microblogging platform.  The official account of X Hiring posted an update on the social media platform to announce the same. The feature is

Nvidia: AI chip giant sees sales more than double

Technology giant Nvidia says its sales have hit a record after more than doubling as demand for its artificial intelligence (AI) chips soars. The company says revenue jumped to above $13.5bn (£10.6bn) for the three months to the end of June. Nvidia also expects sales to soar