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All his inventions for mankind

Robab Rosan, Current Affairs Editor |
Update: 2013-11-06 06:26:25
All his inventions for mankind

DHAKA: Eminent Bangladeshi scientist Dr Abdul Khalque hopes that his inventions would be used for the development of mankind and also prevention of the environmental degradation.

The scientist, who has earned the success of fifteen patented inventions in the fields of classical and biological sciences, was an academic staff at Royal Holloway College in the United Kingdom.

Dr Khaleque had his PhD on Immunoenzymology from London University in 1974. Earlier, he had studied on biochemistry at Dhaka University.

His maiden patented invention was ‘Phytohormone Inducer’, patented in 1993. It is widely known as ‘Sharna’ bio-fertiliser.

The scientist started his work during his study on plants in England. ‘There are many researches on plants. I have studied on the issues of soil’s natural fertility,’ Dr Khaleque told banglanews24.com.

‘I had selected some natural components of soil during 1980s and, after a hard labour; I invented an inducer that helps maintaining soil’s natural quality for crops productions’.

‘I always think about the natural fertility of soil. High intensity of agricultural production and application of artificial or chemical fertilisers and insecticides cause drastic reduction of soil’s components of natural fertility,’ the scientist explained about his maiden invention.

‘The inducer (Sharna) makes the natural substances of the soil active. It enhances soil’s natural fertility. It also helps keeping the biodiversity unhurt.’

About the use of the amount of this inducer, Dr Khaleque said, ‘A little quantity of ‘Sharna’, comparing with other conventional fertilisers, is needed for enhancing the fertility of soil.’

Pointing to the chemical fertilisers and pesticides he said, ‘They are deadly and poisonous. They destroy the natural components of soil as well soil’s ability to hold water. In this condition ‘Sharna’ plays an important role in returning the nature’s fertility components back’.

The scientist considers all of his inventions as his babies. ‘They have come out from my in-depth study. All patents are new inventions’.

Dr Khaleque’s another invention is ‘Phytoplankton Fertiliser’, which helps the natural components in water to be well balanced. This fertiliser helps increase phytoplankton in surface water and that provides food for fishes and other aquatic life-forms.

‘The ‘Phytoplankton Fertiliser’ provides oxygen and consumes carbon-dioxide. It helps other aquatic plants and animals to make balance in water,’ he added.

The scientist’s other inventions in biological science include, ‘Hydroponic Fertiliser’, ‘Flower Fertiliser’, ‘Curative of Fish and Prawn Infective Disease’, ‘Potato Preservative’, ‘Sprouting of Potato Tubers’ and `Organic Carbon Supplement for Field Crop Plants`.

‘The countries which have been suffering from soil degradation and water pollution can get benefit using these inventions to produce crops without harming the environment,’ he said.

Dr Khaleque is also a successful scientist for seven numbers of inventions in classical science. They are in the fields of `Underwater Excavations of Riverbed`, `Land Reclamation in Sea Front`, `Edible Salt Production` and `Kynamatic Engine`.

From 1998 to 2003, he worked on Kynamatic Engine. The engine has earned four patents in different categories. It is an invention that provides uninterrupted rotational motion power without external fuel. It is a non-thermal engine and new of its kind.

‘Kynamatic Engine is an electro-mechanical system where effort force is generated from the resistance force instead of external supply of fuel,’ the scientist described.

‘It (the engine) can produce electricity as per needs without external supply of fuel,’ he added more, ‘it does not make pollution and make no other harm to the environment’.

He said that countries, which suffer from acute energy shortage, can get benefit from this invention.

Dr Khaleque, born in 1944 in Tangail, feels to inform his countrymen about the inventions so that the country gets benefits by using them.

‘I have spoken to media just because to inform our people that the country has many success in the field of science. I also believe that media plays an important role in building a nation’.

To a question, the scientist answered, ‘I have always tried to give priority to keep the natural components unhurt and the environment unharmed for the generations to come’.

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