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Richard Fuller applauds ICT forms

Syed Anas Pasha, Special Correspondent |
Update: 2014-03-20 05:21:02
Richard Fuller applauds ICT forms

LONDON: Much interest of the British MPs about Bangladesh have created enormous curiosity and questions among the Bangalee community living in abroad.     

However, these interests of the British MPs are not new, yet the interests they are showing as the member of the fountain of parliamentary democracy, have aroused questions in the Bangalaee community in Britain.     
Long discussion in the British parliament held on January 16 and comments made by some MPs are being evaluated from different angles by the Bangalees living abroad. Some think that the MPs made comments with sufficient information while some think that they had gap in knowing things in proper way.  

To make the democracy forward ahead MPs of Britain debated in the parliament and in other forums with some constructive suggestions but the Bangalee community alleged to banglanews that the activities of MPs reflects the two clear divided streams in Bangladesh politics.      

Regarding a recent debate held in the House of Commons on January 5 elections, about the remarks and questions of some MPs, some alleged to banglanews that their (MP) conception was unclear and incomplete.

Recently considering the curiosity of the Bangalees living abroad banglanews tried to contact some MPs about their views centering current politics of Bangladesh.                 

Here on Thursday we are publishing the views of Ruling Conservative Party lawmaker Richard Fuller on Bangladesh.       

Though on January 16 debate in the House of Commons Richard Fuller opposed the death penalty in the judicial system of Bangladesh but he hailed the setting up of war crime tribunals                 and opined that the world community is happy for it. In his opinion though the tribunal was set up in late still the affected people have got the opportunity to get justice.  

Commenting on the logic of the debate on Bangladesh in British parliament Fuller said that there might be debate in any parliament regarding any country which is not unjustified.

“In our parliament, we have discussed about many countries including Syria, Israel, Iran and India,” he said.    

However, he thinks that mutual respect is very important while discussing about any country in the parliament.  

Fuller told banglanews about the sources of information about Bangladesh that if any thing seems to be alarming to any British MP then the MPs can open debate in the parliament. The MPs must be sure about the information source.                                        

According to Fuller the opening of debate might be the reasons that human rights condition, practice of free democracy, the utilization of international development fund or utilization of any other British economic aid, long friendship of the two countries and the interest of the voters related matters.                    

When he was asked that whether any lobbyist of Bangladeshi political parties were involved behind placing the subject for debate on Bangladesh, Fuller replied that it is not within his knowledge.   

He said that there are many limitations about this type of lobby and if there was any attempt then definitely that concerned MP would have rejected.

Fuller continued that the British MPs would debate through maintaining friendly relations.    

However, Richard Fuller did not pass any comment when his attention was drawn to the remarks made by his own party mate who told that under such condition the armed forces might be interested in taking over power Bangladesh.   

BDST: 1445 HRS, MAR 20, 2014

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