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Cloudwell chief says

Digital services expand but no platform

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Update: 2014-05-12 07:04:00
Digital services expand but no platform

DHAKA: Bangladesh is equally in the race with the advancement of global technology. Besides, state entrepreneurship to expand digital technology, the private entrepreneurship is not lagging behind to bring all under the digital umbrella. 

But this expansion is not up to the global technology because there is no such platform to accommodate the global standard. But there are enough potentialities. The software based local organization Cloudwell is making that prospect brighter to reach the digital services at the door steps of the people through integration of digital services.

  Cloudwell chairman Anisul Islam in an exclusive interview with banglanews frankly narrated the prospect, problems and many other related matters on the technological services of digitalization in Bangladesh in presence of banglanews correspondent Sizaraj Jahan Mimi.

  Anisul Islam’s Cloudwell has started its journey in the name of “Paywell” brand. Cloudwell chairman talked on various matters of services in creating employment opportunities, bringing financial solvency and to reach the modern technology based services to all.

He told that the range of digital services has increased in the country but no platform is yet to be built to reach the services to the people. Moreover, the government has also taken up program to make the country digitalized. But it requires an integrated approach to make the government-private sponsored technology based services reach to the people.  

Anisul Islam informed that Cloudwell has emerged with that integrated approach. This approach is “Paywell”. It is like child hood studied ‘many in one’. 

He said that there are five lakh credit card holders but only three thousand cards are used for several services. The main reason of this under utilization is that there is insecurity. To remove this insecurity Cloudwell will incorporate smart card or chip card with ‘Paywell’. This service will be most enjoyable and surprising to the consumers.                      

Explaining the reason he told that through near field communication (NFC) system contactless paying facilities is most secured. This system is very much popular around the globe. Bangladesh Bank is also working in this field to bring the service. 

This software expert informed that present credit card is not safe because its information might be stolen because the information is inscribed in the magnetic tap but the Cloudwell’s chip will have well protected device from any type of forgery. 

Anisul told that the consumers through Paywell chip will be able to pay mobile recharge bill, wimax bill, 3G bill, rural electricity bill, DESA, Desco, Gas-water bill, train-bus ticket, money transfer and so on. 

He informed that within every one kilometer there will be one outlet of Paywell where network of those services will be available.                   

The Cloudwell chairman said, “We are working on the expansion of ‘Paywell Networking’. Meanwhile, we have set up 350 outlets across the country including the capital. By June, one thousand and by this year five thousand agents will be appointed.”

Besides, by May 15 QB and by June more four services will be set up, he added.                                                                
At the marginal level for facilitating money transfer we are settling the matter with two companies. Even Cloudwell has a plan for booking domestic airliners ticket.  

Anisul Islam also told that there is a saying in English ‘fruit for increase’. In similar way a man working in professions like confectionary, pharmacy, fuel station can also earn extra by using ‘Paywell’ technology instilled in a small devise like mobile phone.

 “In different parts of the world people have become adapted to take one stop services. In our country days are coming when a man will get all services at one point. This will help loss of energy and money. This will also help economic advancement speedy,” he said.                                                  

 Anisul Islam said that in ‘Paywell’ initiative, women can also take part for earning as women can render services through this innovative technology to her neighbors or friends.  

Regarding the business of ‘Paywell’ Cloudwell chairman disclosed that the interested persons after registration with Tk. 12,900.00 will get one service device. Next, he can start business investing capital according to his capacity.                                          

The advantages of Paywell are that no separate recharge is necessary for different operators. Single balance will be able to recharge all the five operators of the country.                                 

Anisul further informed that if the device fails or become non- functioning then new device will be supplied. 

In this service there is arrangement of printout receipt so the consumers cannot be deceived either. 

Cloudwell has emerged to make the country digitalized meaningfully, told Anisul Islam. 

The innovation of ‘several services with one product’ is the brain child of Cloudwell chairman Anisul Islam. The made in China mobile sized device will be installed with Bangladeshi programmer’s ‘Paywell’ software. 

Presently huge publicity of ‘Paywell’ is going on. The Cloudwell chief is very much hopeful regarding the responses from the technology friendly quarters.     

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