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Over 40 mother tongues exist in Bangladesh

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Update: 2017-01-10 08:22:50
Over 40 mother tongues exist in Bangladesh More than 40 mother tongues found in Bangladesh

DHAKA: Apart from Bangla, more than 40 mother tongues have been found in Bangladesh, though there was a conception that the country possesses 15 to 25 mother languages so far. 

The fact that has finally been revealed through several individual researches and also the continuous research of International mother language Institute is there are 15 more mother tongues than the previous number.

Prof. Jinnat Imtiaz Ali, director general of International Mother Language Institute disclosed the findings to Banglanews on Sunday (January 8).

In this context, he also said that the newly searched out 15 mother tongues are at risk of being lost or extinct if proper measures are not taken in due time.

Earlier he told that in Chittagong Hill Tracts region, one mother tongue was found known as (RENGMITCHA) which is spoken by only 25 people. Banglanews published a story on this topic on last Sunday (January 8). 

International Mother Language Institute has found existence of a total of 40 mother languages after researching on small ethnic community in the country. 
The languages are Santali, Mahle, Kol, Koda, Mundari, kharia, Saura, Khasi, Kurukh, Malto, Telegue, Garo/Mandi, Hajang, Koch, Laleng/Patra, Marma, Kokborok, Khumi, Khiyang, Lusai, Tanchangya, Mro, Rakhain, Pankhuya, Bawm, Rengmitcha, Chak, Manipuri Methei, Lingam, Sadri, Madraji, Thar, Urdu, Odia, Ahomia, Manipur Bishnupriya, Kanpuri, Chakma, Nepali and Kondo. 

Dr. Jinnat Imtiaz said that previous research on mother tongues were individual research carried out without any concerted efforts but the establishment of the Institution gave a different idea that led to the discovery of 40 mother languages. Language Institute did the task in a full scientific method leaving no scope to differ to it. 

He said that the Institute with the help of the government is working to save these languages. In fact, most of the newly found 15 mother tongues have no inscription except a few and a language without inscription is called ‘language without letter’.

These languages can be revived through introducing it in the education system with the object of preserving.

These mother tongues must be revived in a broad manner and concerted actions of the government giving it necessary practical inputs such as grammar and relevant things.

But the first thing is to revive it through practicing it in a scientific manner. 

Each language should be documented first. Then dictionary should be prepared. The primary books will be required inscription and grammar. 

In this way the mother languages will be enriched with the adoption of many creative ways and gradually it will be fit be used in computers.
Initially these languages might not appear to be rich and developed but some day it will curve out a place if it gets government patronization.

It might even get International recognition one day if properly nourished.  We might win even Nobel Prize when these languages will rise on peak because there is no end to the possibilities of the future. 
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