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Why 2018 significant for Digital Bangladesh

Update: 2018-12-29 16:13:34
Why 2018 significant for Digital Bangladesh

DHAKA: The year 2018 experienced tremendous developments in ICT sector in line with other sectors of Bangladesh.

Apart from becoming one of the largest internet and mobile phone using countries in Asia, the launch of its 1st satellite, massive IT trainings, MNP service, and 4G are some of major developments, which made the dream of Digital Bangladesh come true. 

The highlights of major achievements in 2018 are as follows:

                                      Bangabandhu-1 satellite

The Bangabandhu-1 satellite, the first communication satellite of Bangladesh, was successfully launched from Florida of United States on May 11.

Bangabandhu-I reached the desired orbital position 10 days after its launch from Florida.

Falcon 9, the finest rocket of American firm SpaceX, carried the satellite to the orbit from the Cape Canaveral launching pad. 

BS-I began its operational test with the broadcast of South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) championship without any technical issues on September 4.

State minister for information Tarana Halim invited private TV channels to take service of the Bangabandhu-I satellite after successful launch and test operation or operational test or placement into orbit on September 12.

Bangladesh government received ownership of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 from its manufacturer Thales Alenia Space on November 9.

The total expenditure on Bangabandhu satellite was about Tk 2,765 crore. Bangladesh government financed Tk 1000 crore while the rest is provided by foreign aids.

The amount spent in buying and sending the Bangabandhu Sattelite-1 into orbit is expected to be realized within seven and a half years.

Bangabandhu-1 has 40 transponders, one equivalent to 36MHz spectrum. According to the plan, Bangladesh will use 20 transponders. The 20 others will be rented out to other countries.

Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) said Bangabandhu-1 satellite was capable to provide service to all satellite TV operators.  

                    December 12 ‘Digital Bangladesh Day’ now on

The 12th of December was announced to be observed as ‘Digital Bangladesh Day’ instead of ‘National ICT Day.’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s cabinet approved it on November 26.

The country also observed December 12 as ‘Digital Bangladesh Day-2018.’

Theme of the day was ‘Digital Bangladesh will be golden Bangla of Bangabandhu.’

                    ICT Lab to be set up in every educational institute: Jabbar

Posts, Telecommunications and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Mustafa Jabbar said on November 18 that ICT lab and multimedia classrooms would be set up at every educational institution of the country within next two years.

Mustafa Jabbar said, “The existing professions are getting extinct everyday. Therefore, it is imperative to learn technology-based knowledge to cope with competitive world.”

                              20 lakh youths to get IT trainings by 2021

ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak said IT related trainings will be provided to two lakh youths of the country by the year 2021.

The state minister made the remarks while addressing as chief guest at a program to inaugurate a six-storey building in Gol-E-Afroz Government College in Singra upazila of Natore on October 12.

                                 BCC signs MoU with Microsoft on GSP

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) singed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with tech giant Microsoft on 'Government Security Program' (GSP) in order to detect cyber threats and ensure national security.  

BCC National Data Center Director Tarek M Barkatullah and senior Microsoft Director DCU Mark Eastbarg signed the agreement on behalf of respective organizations at the auditorium of BCC in city’s Agargaon on October 10.

                               Bangladesh ranked 5th top internet user in Asia

Number of internet users across the globe is rising rapidly. Bangladesh is not also falling behind in that race as it is ranked 5th top internet using countries in Asia.

The ranking came from a survey report released by Internet World Stats. 

According to the report, currently the number of internet user in Bangladesh crosses 8 crore (80 million) in 2017 which was only one lakh (0.1 million) in 2000.

China tops the ranking with 77.20 crore (772 million) internet users followed by India (46.20 crore users), Indonesia (14.30 crore users) and Japan (11.80 crore users). 

                             Now switch to any operator with MNP service

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory council (BTRC) launched the much awaited mobile number portability (MNP) service for the first time in Bangladesh.  

MNP service or in other words it means customers can now switch to any operator without changing their existing 11-digit mobile phone number. 

BTRC Chairman Jahurul Haque made the declaration of its launch at a press conference held at BRTC building located in city’s Ramna area on September 1.  

                   Number of internet users crosses 9cr, mobile users 15cr.

Bangladesh has been witnessing rapid rise in active internet connections as number of total internet users crossed 9 crore milestone in August.

Of them, around 8.5 crore are mobile internet users while the number of mobile phone subscribers reach to 15.5 crore. 

BTRC came up with the survey on Sep 20 based on data collected in August. 

According to BTRC survey, number of total internet users stood at 90501000 by the end of August. Of them, 8 crore 46 lakh and 85 thousands are mobile internet users, 83 thousands WiMax users and 57 lakh 33 thousands ISP and PSTN users.

                                Bangladesh now on 4G expressway

Bangladesh started its journey in the fastest digital connectivity world with the launching of fourth-generation (4G) mobile internet on February 19.

Mobile phone operators- Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink and state-run Teletalk-received 4G licenses from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) at a program in Dhaka Club February 19. 

                   Number of mobile users 14.5cr, internet users 8cr: BTRC

The number of mobile phone and internet users in the country stood at around 14.5 crore and 8 crore respectively by the end of 2017.

BTRC disclosed the statistics updated till December last year on January 29.

According to the BTRC statistics, presently a total of 14,51,14,000 people are using mobile phone under four operators and 8,04,83,000 people are using internet in the country.

Of them, 6,53,27,000 people are Grameenphone users, 4,29,8,000 are Robi users, 3,23,84,00 are Banglalink users and 44,94,000 are Teletalk users. 

BDST: 1612 DEC 29, 2018






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