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Commercial mushroom farming growing in Bangladesh

Mohammad Nahian |
Update: 2022-08-06 21:44:07
Commercial mushroom farming growing in Bangladesh

The non-green fungal plant mushroom farming has been gradually expanding commercially in the country as it has huge demand in the domestic market and export prospects for its plentiful health benefits.

The sector people claimed that cultivating mushrooms in Bangladesh gained momentum and currently the country's annual mushroom production is 40,000 tonnes and its market worth Tk 800cr where around 1.5 lakh people are involved in mushroom farming too.

The business people said that non-traditional mushroom products are also gaining demand among health-conscious consumers due to its taste, nutritious value and curative as well.

The edible nutrients -- mushroom products including Puli Pitha, Noodles, Tea, Coffee, Phirni, Kashmiri Achar, Vegetables, Pudding, Patishapta, Samosa, Bharta, Cake, Kebab, Soup, Fried rice, Omelette and other items are now they are commonly available in super shops in cities.

Md Ferdaus Ahmed, deputy director of Mushroom Development Institute, Savar, said, “We are working to develop the mushroom sector since the year of 2015. We are providing all types of logistic support from our institute. Currently, the mushroom market is growing both locally and globally due to its various health benefits. Within the last couple of years, we successfully provided training for about 11,000 people and most of them were youth. We are taking both online and physical classes regarding mushroom cultivation.”

“In the year of 2006-2007, the country produced around 3,000 tonnes of mushrooms while in the year of 2020, our farmers produced over 40,000 tonnes of mushrooms every year with a market value of around Tk800 crore. About 1.5 lakh people are directly or indirectly involved in mushroom cultivation across the country. Besides, we have 16 sub-centres apart from the Savar centre,” he added.

He further said that we have modern labs for quality control and quality assurance and we are also analyzing the nutritional and medicinal properties of vitamins, minerals of mushrooms though the labs.

According to the data of Mushroom Development Institute, it has so far brought 162 varieties of edible mushrooms from different parts of the globe and they also developed technologies suitable for cultivating those in the country as well. 

Besides, it has also collected 140 varieties of local mushrooms from the hills and forests of the country too.

M M Mazharul Haque Aminur, secretary general of Bangladesh Mushroom Foundation said, “We established the foundation in the year of 2006 and currently we have more than 1500 members and many others also want to be members of the foundation.”

“The demand for mushroom goods is rising among the consumers as it has various health benefits. Our locally produced mushroom quality is high despite having not enough facilities. In the winter season the farmers can produce good quality mushrooms in our country. We need more public and private support for expanding this sector as it has huge demand in both domestic and global markets where we can export a good quantity,” he added. 

Mazharul Haque further said that the mushroom has also demand in the medicine sector as well. 

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) Director General Md Benojir Alam said, “The government has already taken several steps for the development of the mushroom sector as it has huge prospects in both the domestic and external markets. The DAE took a project of Tk 235 crore which is on the pipeline.”

Abdul Aziz, owner of Rifa Mushroom Project, Cumilla said, “I started mushroom cultivation in the year of 2008. I took two-month residential training from of Mushroom Development Institute, Savar which was totally funded by the government. I am thankful to the government for giving me such opportunities.”

“Currently I am also providing training to the young educated people of my area and they are also showing interest to learn more about mushroom cultivation. I made various types of mushroom products including mushroom Tea, Juice, Horlicks, Black Cumin pickles and others product as well,” he added.

Like, Aziz many educated youths are now involving them with the cultivation of mushroom. They claimed that this nontraditional crop farming is expanding across the country as it is helping them economically too.  

They also said that with the initiative of the government the country had already been invented improved varieties and cultivation techniques of mushrooms. However, we need to reach this technique and facilities among the entrepreneurs then we will be benefited more in the coming days.

The business people said that mushroom farming is profitable business with low capital investment. Besides, they also said that it is an art which requires both study and practical experience.
Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman, Professor, Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Dhaka said, “The edible nutrients mushroom is helpful for human body. Mushrooms are known for their healing as it reduces hypertension. Mushroom is known to be good for diabetics and heart disease as well. Apart from that mushroom help to reduce cancer cell growth too,”

“Mushrooms are edible fungus that can provide several important nutrients including protein and fiber,” he added.

Rainbow Corporation, a local importer is currently importing mushroom products from the china as it has demand among the health-conscious shoppers. Besides, various types of foreign mushroom products are also available in the capital super shop as well. 

Neamul Haque, a shopper at Mirpur-1 said, “Mushrooms product have better taste and this is extremely healthful food as it filled with fiber, low in calories, and a rich source of a variety of vitamins and minerals.”

Like, Neamul many other shoppers claimed that they prefer mushrooms food as it is packed with a long list of nutrients.

The latest report titled “Mushroom Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2022-2027” by IMARC Group said the global mushroom market reached a value of $ 58.8 billion in 2021.

Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach $ 86.5 billion by 2027, exhibiting at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5 per cent during 2022-2027.

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