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A Road For Nature: A rare sight

DHAKA: Imagine a street, wrapped in the shadows of trees, with rays of sunshine escaping and hitting the ground surface from the gaps among the leaves and the branches; the trees from both sides of the street are bent towards each other, as though they are attracted to one another,

93% foreign tourists are ‘Ambassadors of Bangladesh’

DHAKA: As many as 93 percent out of total foreign tourists, who visited Bangladesh, encourage others for traveling to Bangladesh. In the eyes of some of the foreign tourists, ‘Bangladesh is the most photogenic country’, some holidaymakers acknowledge Bangladesh ‘as the best

Water-Giant Tiger-Fish

DHAKA: How full of wonders the world is! Here peep thousands of unknown wonders. Some are discovered and some are hidden under the shade of our imagination to discover. Men have been taking several expeditions (organized journey or voyage with a particular aim) and explorations (travel

The Man-Eating Cave

DHAKA: The earth, where we live, is abounded with thousands of strange, unbelievable, terrific and romantic events. Indeed, a romantic and thrilling incident attacks us as soon as we hear the word ‘danger or fear’. In our society, someone fears of ghosts, someone fears of snakes,

Atlantis the Lost City

DHAKA: Have you ever heard the name of Socrates? He was the torchbearer of civilization. He was born in 463 BC in the ancient Greece. He is called the teacher of those who know.He had a number of disciples. The world famous philosopher Plato (427-347 BC) was also one of them. People call

Australia Pull Out of ICC Under-19 World Cup

DHAKA: Cricket admirers all over the world in general and Bangladesh in particular got shocked and surprised as Cricket Australia citing “safety and security’” pulled out from ICC under 19 World Cup.The mega event is due to start in Bangladesh from the third week of this month. This

2015 A Glorious Year for Bangladesh

DHAKA: In less than 48 years from now in Southern Hemisphere where we are living, the sun will set for the last time in 2015. Another year will go down into history leaving behind bittersweet memories. There have been many significant incidents and events in national, international

Challenges of Bangladesh Cricket in 2016

Bangladesh Cricket reached the top of the tide in 2015 achieving commendable successes in shorter versions of the game. 2016 presents challenges to match it or improve further. Maintaining statuesque through sustaining the momentum in elite group of world cricket requires skills,

Banglanews celebrates 5th anniv in Ctg

Chittagong: A colorful get-together took place at five-star hotel Radisson Blu of the port city Chittagong in connection with the completion the ever advancing news portal galaxy of politicians, businesspeople, administration heads and a leading cross section assembled

Peter King for facing terrorism together

DHAKA: US congressman Peter King has underscored his country’s pledge to fight terrorism and militancy across the world.“The USA would always remain firm on its stand, however, countries like Bangladesh should also come forward to work together in facing such terrorism and

Lee beside illegal Bangladeshi migrant Babul

FROM KUALALUMPUR, MALAYSIA: When the news of human tragedies are coming from around the globe in contrast some glaring examples of victory of humanistic incidents also happens in some parts of the world.Such an incident of upholding humanity occurred in Malaysia.One Chinese with all his

VAT or No VAT?

DHAKA: Bangladesh capital Dhaka witnessed traffic mess from private university students creating road blockades protesting against imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on tuition fees.Commuters on all weekdays in Dhaka suffer from massive gridlocks. The sufferings on Thursday were worst

Memorable Bangladesh Visit Part One

For a diehard Bangladeshi any short visit to Bangladesh is bound to generate nostalgic memories. It is bound to give a feeling of tasks unfinished, job unaccomplished. Being involved deeply in sports and cultural activities 10 days stay in the land of origins appears less than even bare

2008 legacy, regional dev guarantee sustainability of Beijing 2022 Olympic

DHAKA: The Beijing 2022 delegation has underlined the bid's full alignment with the principles of the Olympic Agenda 2020 and stressed sustainability as one of the key pillars of the Games plans.Since the very inception of the bid, Beijing 2022 made its priority to design a Games that

No vacancy in Malaysia

FROM SELENGER, MALAYSIA: Recently Malaysia Government has announced to recruit 15-lakh workers from Bangladesh under B2B arrangement.But the Trade Union in Malaysia has told that there is no vacancy for workers of such number.Malaysian special committee of Bar council member and Migrants,

Banglanews Completes 5 Great Years

DHAKA: It's July 1, 2010. Sheikh Hasina is entering her 19th month as Bangladesh Prime Minister after assuming the office in 2009.  President Barak Obama signed into law the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010. Fossils discovered at the Franceville

Bangladeshi laborers in dire condition in Bahrain

BACK FROM BAHRAIN: Bangladeshi laborers are in dire condition in Bahrain. Their dreams are shattered now after going there spending lakhs of money. They are passing cursed lives. However, in many cases they themselves are responsible for their sufferings.Repressions at the workplaces are

Rich nations urged to meet ODA pledges

DHAKA: The United Nations General Assembly urged the developed countries to fulfill their commitments of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).The UNGA has adopted the resolution at a follow-up meeting to the Fourth United Nations Conference on the

BB ED Mahfuz holds fake certificate!

DHAKA: The Executive Director (ED) of Bangladesh Bank (BB) M Mahfuzur Rahman is holding his office with fake academic certificate which he utilized to reduce his age.According to the original certificate, he was supposed to retire on December 31 0f 2014.The central bank sources said

Children in Heaven

DHAKA: When Tweeted the news of Peshawar school massacre, I was far away from the place, but when I came to attend the condolence program I felt I was by the victims.As of the other Pakistan high commissions, their office in Dhaka arranged a candlelight vigil and prayer program

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