Thursday, 15 Apr, 2021


BRAC to cure TB patients

DHAKA: Tuberculosis is curable. Now it is not a death cause disease. If a tuberculosis affected person eats full course drug regularly, they will be cured normally.In this regard, health ministry took a project to reach the drug available to the people of every corner of the country. It

Mother’s exercise helps child’s brain maturity

DHAKA: A research claimed that women who exercise in pregnancy boost the brain development of their newborn babies and the effect could benefit children for the rest of their lives. Babies` brains showed more mature patterns of activity, linked to better mental performance in later life,

A smarter way to prevent heart attack

DHAKA: The well-established strategy among doctors for reducing cardiovascular disease has been to lower bad cholesterol, or LDL, to specific targets (below 100 or below 70 for people at high risk). No more. New clinical guidelines unveiled Tuesday take a more broad approach to assess a

9 socking food facts

DHAKA: Think you know the rules about healthy foods and can pick the best-for-you fruit from the produce section? These facts might surprise you.More than half of Americans say they give a lot of thought to the healthfulness of foods and beverages they consume.But much of what we read and

Scan predicts heart attack risk

DHAKA: A new way of scanning the heart can identify those who may be at high risk of a heart attack, early tests suggest.It can identify dangerous plaques in the arteries which nourish the heart. If a fatty plaque ruptures, it can lead to a clot, blocking the flow of blood.Scientists at

US leads developed world in premature births

DHAKA: It could be an old-style good-news/bad-news joke if not for one detail: There`s nothing funny about it. According to a "report card" just issued by the March of Dimes, the rate of premature births in the United States has fallen for the past six years straight. Even after such a

Gene helping old tissues act young indentified

DHAKA: Wouldn’t it be nice to keep young tissues’ ability to repair wounds and bound back after injury?Now, scientists think they have identified the factor that could make that possible — a protein called Lin28a. It’s normally active in embryos, when new cells and tissues are

Your skin says about how long you’ll live

DHAKA: Here’s even more reason to worry about wrinkles — women with fewer age lines tend to have lower blood pressure, a lower risk of heart disease and stroke and a greater chance of outliving their more wrinkled friends.In a new study published in the Journals of Gerontology,

US moves to ban trans fats in foods

DHAKA: US food safety officials have taken steps to ban the use of trans fats, saying they are a threat to health.Trans fats, also known as partially hydrogenated oils, are no longer "generally recognised as safe", said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).The regulator said a ban could

Women `more prone to breathlessness`

DHAKA: Women`s lung muscles have to work harder than men`s, making breathlessness more common after exercise, say scientists in Canada.Their study in the journal Experimental Physiology examined the activity of the diaphragm - the muscle that drives lung function.It had to work harder in

Baby`s gaze could signal autism risk

DHAKA: A baby’s gaze could carry the first signs of autism, according to a new study that suggests the developmental disorder disrupts the desire for eye contact.Atlanta researchers used eye-tracking technology to study how babies respond to social cues between birth and the age of 3,

Colon Cancer’s Newest Culprit: Gut Bacteria

DHAKA: Add one more to the list of tumor-causing bad guys in the colon.In some ways, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the teeming population of bacteria living in the intestinal tract have something to do with colon cancer.After all, there are trillions of them making their home all

Foods for beautiful skin

DHAKA: To look your skin fresh, always eat your way to the better completion with these skin super foods.ALMONDS Almonds are seeds not nuts and they are stuffed with vitamin E. Acts like an antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from UV lights. The almond contains about 26%

DOTS helps TB curb in Bagerhat

DHAKA: Tuberculosis is curable. Now it is not a death cause disease. If a tuberculosis affected person eats full course drug regularly, they will be cured normally.In this regard, health ministry took a project to reach the drug available to the people of every corner of the country. It

Smoking makes you look older

DHAKA: A study of 79 pairs of twins — each with one smoker and one non-smoker — indicates that cigarette users are likely to get wrinkles and bags under their eyes at a more accelerated pace than their genetically identical counterparts.Unbiased judges, who had no prior knowledge of

Japan research could lead to oral diabetes treatment

DHAKA: Japanese researchers said Thursday they had moved a step closer to an oral treatment for diabetes, offering hope of a breakthrough against a disease racking the increasingly obese world.Scientists at the University of Tokyo said they have created a compound that helps the body to

New imaging device gives insights into hearing

DHAKA: A new brain imaging machine, unveiled at an Australian university on Tuesday, will help scientists better understand how the brain processes information from hearing devices.It’s the first time researchers have been able to measure brain function of people with cochlear implants

Pros and cons of Hepatitis

DHAKA: There are over 100 types of liver diseases. Among them the most serious liver diseases are below:   Today we will know about Hepatitis.   Hepatitis   Hepatitis is a term used to describe inflammation (swelling) of the liver. It can occur as a result of a viral infection or

New breast cancer test offers hope

DHAKA: A test that identifies seven classes of breast cancer could be available within two years, say UK scientists.Writing in the British Journal of Cancer, the Nottingham researchers say it could help doctors tailor treatment better and boost survival rates.Currently, two biomarkers are

Poverty produces smaller brains

DHAKA: The rich really are different, at least when it comes to their brains. In two separate studies, researchers found that experiencing poverty in early childhood is linked to smaller brain size and less efficient processing of certain sensory information.Previous work suggested that