Wednesday, 28 Oct, 2020


Thousands protest in Indian Kashmir

SRINAGAR:  Thousands of protesters poured into the centre of the main city of Indian Kashmir on Thursday after authorities lifted restrictions for the first time in five days. The Muslim-majority region has been wracked by demonstrations since June 11 when security forces were accused

Thai police arrest `Red Shirt` over deadly attacks

BANGKOK:  Thai police said Thursday they had arrested an anti-government "Red Shirt" who was a close aide to an assassinated rogue general in connection with a series of attacks in Bangkok. Surachai Thewarat, 25, is accused of being involved in incidents including a deadly drive-by

Russia spy suspect confessed: US prosecutor

NEW YORK: A suspect in the Russia spy saga cracked after his arrest, confessing he was a Russian agent and pledging greater loyalty to the Kremlin than to his own son, US prosecutors said Thursday.The suspect, who operated under the false identity of Juan Lazaro, also revealed that his

US lawmakers pass Afghan war funding

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama`s Democratic allies beat back a stiff anti-war insurrection in their own ranks Thursday as the House of Representatives agreed to fund his Afghanistan troop "surge."A day after General David Petraeus won Senate confirmation as commander of the NATO

US grants bail to one Russia spy suspect; nine ordered held

NEW YORK: A US judge granted bail with house arrest to one of the Russia spy suspects Thursday but ordered the other nine in custody here, in Boston and Virginia to remain behind bars for the time being.In New York, Judge Ronald Ellis said Vicky Pelaez, a journalist born in Peru but who

Obama signs toughest-ever US sanctions on Iran

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into law the toughest ever US sanctions on Iran, which he said would strike at Tehran`s capacity to finance its nuclear program and deepen its isolation.The measures, on top of new UN Security Council and European sanctions, aim to

Suicide bombers kill 42 in attack on Pakistan shrine

LAHORE: Pakistan`s cultural capital Lahore was on high alert Friday after two suicide bombers blew themselves up in an Islamic shrine packed with worshippers, killing 42 people and wounding scores more. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Pakistan has been hit by a wave

N.Korea angrily rejects G8 condemnation over ship

SEOUL: North Korea angrily rejected Tuesday a statement from world leaders meeting at the G8 summit in Canada which condemned an alleged North Korean torpedo attack that sank a South Korean warship. "We vehemently and totally refute the declaration adopted at the G8 summit held in

Europe must impose tough oil sanctions on Iran: US

BRUSSELS: Europe must follow through on its pledge to impose sanctions on Iran`s energy sector in order to coax Tehran back to the negotiating table over its nuclear activities, a top US diplomat said Tuesday. Robert Einhorn, the US coordinator for Iran sanctions, said he held meetings

China and Taiwan sign historic trade pact

CHONGQING: Taiwan and China signed a historic trade pact Tuesday in the boldest step yet towards reconciliation between the former archfoes, 60 years after the civil war that drove them apart. The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, hailed by both sides as a milestone and a

Aquino to probe Arroyo in Philippines `truth commission`

MANILA: Incoming Philippine president Benigno Aquino announced Tuesday he would set up a "truth commission" to investigate the alleged crimes of outgoing leader Gloria Arroyo and her allies. He said the commission would look into a wide range of controversies surrounding Arroyo`s

Russia, France, US propose nuclear meet with Iran

JERUSALEM: Russia, France and the United States have proposed a UN-brokered meeting with experts from all three countries and Iran to discuss a nuclear fuel swap deal, Russia`s top diplomat said on Tuesday. The talks brokered by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would be held

China and Taiwan sign historic trade pact

CHONGQING: Taiwan and China signed a historic trade pact Tuesday in the boldest step yet towards reconciliation between the former archfoes, 60 years after the civil war that drove them apart. The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, hailed by both sides as a milestone and a

`Prince of Jihad` given five years in Indonesia

  JAKARTA - An Indonesian publisher and Islamist blogger known as the "Prince of Jihad" was sentenced to five years in jail Tuesday for abetting suicide attacks on two luxury hotels in Jakarta last year. Women robed from head-to-toe in black Islamic dress shouted abuse at the judges as

Huji attack feared in BD mission in Kolkata

KOLKATA:  Indian Home Ministry has cautioned West Bengal government of a suspected attack on Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Kolkata by banned Islamic outfit Harkat-ul Jihad (Huji).      Following a message from the centre, the West Bengal government has taken extra security

Baghdad bombs kill two, one an Iraqi general

BAGHDAD - Magnetic bombs killed two people in Baghdad on Tuesday, one of them an Iraqi general, as insurgents sabotaged a key oil pipeline on the northern outskirts of the capital, security officials said. The general, who police identified only by his first name Khodr, was blown up in

Rare white elephant caught in Myanmar

YANGON: A rare white elephant, historically considered an omen of political change, has been captured in the west of military-ruled Myanmar, state media reported Tuesday.   The female pachyderm was captured by officials on Saturday in the coastal town of Maungtaw in Rakhine state, the

Obama Supreme Court pick faces tough Senate hearing

WASHINGTON :  US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan vowed at her first confirmation hearing Monday to be an impartial justice and seemed on track to become the fourth woman ever to sit on the history-shaping bench.   "I will work hard, and I will do my best to consider every case

Indian Kashmir on the boil again

SRINAGAR: Indian Kashmir is on the boil again: this time over the killing of eight young Kashmiris in less than three weeks allegedly at the hands of Indian security forces.   The deaths have brought thousands of war-weary residents out onto the streets chanting "Blood for Blood!" and

US drone strike kills six militants in Pakistan

PESHAWAR: A US drone fired two missiles into a compound used by Islamist fighters in Pakistan`s tribal belt Tuesday, killing at least six militants, security officials said.The missiles targeted the compound in Karikot village, about 10 kilometres (six miles) southwest of Wana, the main