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Bumrungrad is the best for service

FROM BANGKOK (THAILAND): There are records that many dying patients returned on foot after taking treatment at Bumrungrad Hospital. Service is the prime policy of the hospital than the consideration of action or reaction of drugs.Privately run Bumrungrad International Hospital is the

Same Old Desires by Japan

With Japanese investors and businessmen accompanying Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold talks with Bangladesh government officials and Bangladeshi business leaders here in Dhaka, same unwanted barriers that prevailed more than a decade ago remain on top of their agenda.We found the same

Faulty rescue drive, 50 vessels underwater

DHAKA: Due to the faulty rescue operations of the authority, at least 50 vessels are still underwater in separate areas of the country. No trace of Pinak-6, which capsized on the river Padma with 350 passengers, was found for the same reasons. Data acquired from Bangladesh Inland Water

Metro Rail Brings Blessings for Delhi

DELHI: The Metro Rail of Delhi is a blessing for the city dwellers of the capital of India. Earlier the people of the city were harassed a lot for traffic jam. Now the people are happy as they don’t face the dilemma anymore.The people of all walks of life are happy having such a

Dream Days at Exotic Bali (Part 2)

The evening of the first day at Bali was spent viewing majestic sunset and spectacular traditional beach festival and heavenly Kuta Sea Beach. We first visited the Turtle breeding area near Kuta whether sea turtles are careful preserved, nursed and released to the ocean every year

Gen Moeen, Brig Bari to return home!

NEW YORK: One of the army officials who played pivotal role in Bangladesh’s controversial 1/11 incident Brigadier Fazlul Bari will return home. Sources close to this retired army official in New York told banglanews. Bari, who was sacked from his duty, is expected to come home to see

BD wins in a case against Niko

DHAKA: The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) has given its verdict in favour of Bangladesh in a case against Niko. Dr Hossain Mansur, chairman of the state-owned energy company Petrobangla, confirmed the matter to banglanews. The verdict was passed on

Plan for gigantic industrial area

DHAKA: Urban Development Directorate (UDD) has taken a big plan to ban unplanned and scattered industry and select a suitable place for new industrial area. The plan has been taking under a project titled ‘National Comprehensive Development Plan for the Whole Country”. Ministry of

Body remains to bring new life

DHAKA: Body remains after accidents were considered as ‘clinical wastes’ so long and those organs were thrown into the waste disposing grounds. But days have changed, those body remains are now being used in making bone tissue.At present, the tissues are used in the treatment of

ACC corruption under scanner

DHAKA: When the country is sinking in corruption, the only anti-graft watch-dog Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) which is popularly known to the people since long as the puppet of the ruling government.  It is puppet because it never finds any corruption of the influential people

Cats, dogs dressed like human

DHAKA: Have you ever wandered to see a cat or dog dressed like human? You may see it, that’s usual. But what is unusual is that when you saw some century-year old pictures of cute-cats and dogs’ pictures, perfectly dressed like man or women. What would happen then? The LOLcat – one

Watermelon sculptures that make you think!

DHAKA: Food sculptor Clive Cooper, who lives in Canadian city of Vancouver and works at Sparksfly Design, carves into whole watermelons, turning them into anything from an alligator's head to an open-mouthed great white shark to a spirit bear and all! Surprisingly, the truth about Clive

New species of 2014: Part II

Orange penicilliumPenicillium vanoranjei Although it has spores of a bright orange colour (see inset), this species of penicillium, the fungus from which penicillin is derived, was actually named to honour Dutch royalty, His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange. It was discovered in soil

Strange Skeleton Shrimp, 9 others

DHAKA: The planet where we live, we call it ‘Earth’ is full of new discoveries, new things even the new living being. Expeditions are underway to search for living being, water in particular, in the Moon, and recently in the Mars, though no possibility has been shown yet. But, in our

Bangladesh needs not to fear

FROM NAYADELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Dr Vijay Shankar Shastri, who is going to hold important post in the Narendra Modi’s cabinet, categorically said that Bangladesh needs not to be worried over stance of his party.   He came up with the assertion while talking to

Digital services expand but no platform

DHAKA: Bangladesh is equally in the race with the advancement of global technology. Besides, state entrepreneurship to expand digital technology, the private entrepreneurship is not lagging behind to bring all under the digital umbrella.  But this expansion is not up to the global

Hefajat cases in deep-fridge

DHAKA: One year after the Hefajat anarchy in the capital, no headway is noticed in regards to 42 criminal cases filed in connection with killing, looting, arson and other such dreadful acts. The Hefajat-e-Islami, of which name was first known after the government formulated the Women

‘We are not little at all’

DHAKA: Hafizur Rahman Khan, Chairman of ‘Runner Group’     one of the local motorbike producers of the country “thinks  that local motor bike industries cannot flourish because of encouraging imports by the government.       If proper policy is framed then this local

‘Bangabandhu was illegal PM’

LONDON: Exiled BNP senior vice-chairman Tarique Rahman has questioned the legality of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh.In a meeting attended by the civil society members held at London Westminster hall organized by UK BNP on Tuesday evening

Richard Fuller applauds ICT forms

LONDON: Much interest of the British MPs about Bangladesh have created enormous curiosity and questions among the Bangalee community living in abroad.     However, these interests of the British MPs are not new, yet the interests they are showing as the member of the fountain of

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