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5 underrated love languages that require more time and effort

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Update: 2023-05-02 14:59:38
5 underrated love languages that require more time and effort

Love languages of each person can be different – while some are physical, some can be being together and doing thing they love. 

Underrated love languages involve giving more effort and time to the relationship and knowing each other. This helps in understanding the person better and going through phases of communication, involving them emotionally and making a long-lasting relationship. Therapist Elizabeth Fedrick shared five love languages.

  • Being consistent in showing up for each other and being reliable for each other through ups and downs is an important love language. 
  • Being emotionally close to each other and feeling safe in each other’s presence and energy is another important love language.
  • Soothing each other through all kinds of challenges and creating a safe space for each other to be in, creates more long-lasting relationships. 
  • Creating arousal and being playful and engaging in foreplay adds fun to the relationship.
  • When people are able to be vulnerable with each other and express what they need, letting their guards down, it helps in making long term and healthy relationships.

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