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Let’s life go coexisting with corona!

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Update: 2020-06-08 13:22:05
Let’s life go coexisting with corona!

Life has got stuck overwhelmingly due to the unprecedented days of corona pandemic but let it not go as every time is counted with success and despairs we yield to. In our life time is an old gypsy man flowing its wave to the infinity unnoticing the ups and downs of humanity—our wells and woes it disregards all. 

As time goes on, we learn to change the way of our life clinging to the new normal getting the most emphasis on the adaptation for survival and those who fail to cope with, are doomed for ever.
The dreading of corona is not as intensifying to rise panic and uncertainties  as it was when stuck first in the country despite now the high number of infected along with the death toll on the wax, this is called ‘New Normal’ as panic doesn't help anyone; we must be led by reason. It is time to proceed on going coexisting with corona getting the most priority on winning bread and butter as well as on fueling to our economy that already has been affected for the devastating continuity of the pandemic over the months. 

With considering the fact that humanity, livelihood and economy cannot help leaving the entire population in the lockdown. Mills and factories have started producing in the country taking initiatives as if it were new normal. People from all walks have come out of their home -staying engaging in their respective works and the environment of the big cities have started to be alike it was before the coronavirus, business and rushes are found everywhere as humanity and livelihood matter.
The researchers across the globe are working hard relentlessly in a bid to invent the vaccines of this deadly virus engrossed the world people.  We believe that someday this virus will be defeated by the frequent human endeavors but need miles to go on trying and coping life coexisted with corona until reaching to universal solution. 

It is to note that the state itself cannot be the enough to tackle the whole situation in case of ensuring social distance, home quarantine, consciousness among the people, until and unless people in the country are proactive in maintaining all these. Every citizen can contribute towards raising awareness and equally by refraining from spreading panic, taking prudent precautions advised by the government. 

As people have the normal access to performing their respective works coexisting with this pathogen, responsibilities from both sides –one comes from individual initiatives grooming to be self-protected whenever setting for work outside and another should be retained by the authority concerned of the working places providing hygienic and protected environment in the working places while continuing works . 

It is time to start for life a new normal doing everything for ours , so let us make an oath that we will not be infected or not make others infected disregarding the safety measures followed mandatorily for all.  

It is to opine that there are little rooms leaving all efforts unturned and confining us in the lockdown in a state of workless and penniless situation, which contributes to the country’s economy at state and the time is now to win the fear of corona and ease all the hurdles to face ahead by following the experts’ suggestions in this connection. 

Now is the time to think of socialization out of the traditional box even when the crisis will decline. Actually in socialization it is imperative to understand the social context as different context demands different types of socialization. If we think about the traditional point of socialization it is quite common shaking hands, hugging, touching on one’s face or head and kissing to the babies, which must be avoided in finding new ways to socialization to indicating to one’s good wishes keeping apart. Here keeping social distance is a factor of containing the spread of this virus which recurrently and relentlessly is conferred by World Health Organization. 

Apart from these we need to boost up antibodies conferring robust and long-lasting immunity and by doing mild physical exercise, taking seasonal fruits and vegetables, doing breathing practice, basking in the sun for a few minutes, taking vitamin C, keeping habituated to drinking warm water and tea with ginger and honey we can boost up antibodies suppressing the possibility of being infected and those already infected with their boosting up immunity will be able to defeat the virus.   

As corona and humanity go simultaneously in these days, there grow the high risk of infections and the increase of death toll, so it is time to ponder over the situation in taking the step out with precautions. Otherwise it will not be wise to refrain ourselves engaging in the daily routine works as is the case of survival gets the topmost priority in all regards. Finally, to fuel the country’s economy and to boost up immunity little scopes to finding out except to be proactive to life going on coexisted with coronavirus and let life  go, once we believe to enjoy free from all anxieties of this pandemic engulfed us. 

Writer: Alaul Alam teaches at Prime University 
           Email: [email protected] 
BDST: 1321 HRS, JUN 08, 2020

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