Wednesday, 06 Jul, 2022


ROP-caused blindness increasing

DHAKA: Incidence of blindness caused by Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) – an abnormal development of retinal blood vessels in premature infants – is on the rise in Bangladesh.This was the observation of the speakers at a seminar on ROP held at Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and

7 foods that fight inflammation and belly fat

DHAKA: There is the list of foods that fight inflammation and belly fat, reports and vegetables:All fruits and vegetables, due to their rich nutrient and fiber content, help to combat chronic inflammation, so make sure to include adequate amounts of these foods

5 ways to eat more cucumber

DHAKA: It's one of the most hydrating bites (cucumber has 90 % water) in hot weather and now, here's more reason to tuck into the cool, fleshy vegetable.Bursting with vitamins A, B, C and K, cucumber can help flush out toxins and thus aid weight loss, regulate blood pressure, ease

Poor eating habits affect your heart

DHAKA: Poor eating habits can affect your heart for a long time and the effects can persist long after dietary habits are improved, shows a research.Poor eating habits alter the way genes express themselves, including genes related to immunity, the findings showed.This change in gene

5 lifestyle rules that guarantee longevity

DHAKA: If a new study is to be believed, five simple lifestyle rules are the secret to one’s longevity.Researchers, who compiled data of a study that spanned over 35 years, discovered that regular exercise, sensible eating, maintaining a healthy weight, minimal alcohol consumption

Garlic’s good for cough

DHAKA: With the changing, season many of us are suffering from flu, cough and fever. While doctors prescribe medicines, here’s one thing that can speed up your recovery, reports Times of India. Raw garlic, one of the natural remedies to fend off seasonal ailments.- After breakfast,

Why eating salads is healthy

DHAKA: Including salads in your regular meals is one of the healthiest eating habits you can adopt. It is also one of the simplest ways to stay fit. Salads are disease-fighting, nutrient-packed powerhouses. They are low in fat and calories, do not contain cholesterol and have a high

Foods to help manage weight

DHAKA: Healthy eating promotes better weight loss as opposed to mindless and desperate crash dieting.It is not only healthy but ensures that the lost weight doesn't come back and that you maintain the body's strength and immunity. Here are some foods you should eat to promote weight

Ways you can lower your cholesterol

DHAKA: While medication will help you control this disease, lifestyle changes also help to keep cholesterol under control.High cholesterol can prove to be detrimental to your health if it isn't got under control. While good cholesterol is important for your body to work properly — it

4 must eat white vegetables

DHAKA: If white colored clothes have a soothing effect on people, eating white vegetables is beneficial too and you should include more of cauliflower and garlic in your diet.Here's a list of healthy white vegetables that you should consume more, reports

Why stress, fear trigger heart attacks

DHAKA: In a first, scientists have come up with an explanation to why a sudden shock, stress and fear may trigger heart attack and they found that multiple bacterial species living as biofilms on arterial walls could hold the key to such attacks.Hormones released during these events

Benefits of Turmeric for flawless skin

DHAKA: Turmeric or haldi is one of the most widely used spices. Not only it is used to add color and taste to our food but also a natural remedy for various skin ailments. One of the most important ceremonies of weddings in our country is the haldi ceremony where a paste made of turmeric

5 vegetables you must eat for a healthy heart

DHAKA: Are you at risk of suffering from heart disease? Say goodbye to all those junk food items like vadas, samosas, fries, chips, pizzas, pastries and burgers. Bring in a fresh stock of these healthy vegetables with an open heart and lower your risk of heart disease naturally!Leafy

Google developing cancer, heart attack detector

DHAKA: Google is exploring a way to search inside people’s bodies for early signs of deadly illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. A Life Sciences team at the special projects Google X Lab are experimenting with having ‘nanoparticles’ hunt for signs of medical trouble in

Tips for those with arthritis

DHAKA: One of the most common ailments that elders suffer from is arthritis. Swelling in joints and acute pain are some of its characteristics, making it difficult for the person to even perform normal activities. Here are some points to keep in mind so that people with arthritis don't

Are you leading a healthy, happy life?

DHAKA: For your physical and emotional well-being, follow these basic rules, reports The Times of India.Eat home-cooked meals: Restaurants have become an essential part of urban landscape. And eating out is big biz now in cities. But if you want to have a healthy lifestyle then cook a

8 common heart disease symptoms

DHAKA: Heart disease is not a single ailment or condition. It refers to a collection or a group of conditions in which the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart get damaged or the heart is not able to function in a normal way.Heart disease takes years to progress and may begin

WHO: Number of Ebola cases passes 10,000

DHAKA: The number of people believed sickened by Ebola has passed 10,000, according to figures released Saturday by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread.The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is the largest outbreak of the disease ever with a rapidly rising

The wonder that is tomato juice

DHAKA: While tomatoes are known for their several health benefits, did you know that tomato juice is equally healthy?Packed with a host of minerals and vitamins, tomato juice contains Vitamin A, K, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. And that wasn't reason enough for you to drink tomato juice, read

Benefits of a good night's sleep

DHAKA: There is no feeling in the world that matches the one that you get once you are well-rested, especially after a good night's sleep.Here are some health benefits of sleeping well, reports the Times of India.Long life: Studies suggest that the people, who sleep less than six hours