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Challenge-opportunity towards quality health care

OneA few years back I attended a meeting with the Head of the Department of General Practice in Melbourne’s Monash University. He asked me about the undergraduate medical training programme in Bangladesh. I went through the structure of the undergraduate training programme in various

Health sector gets Tk 11,146cr

DHAKA: Finance Minister AMA Muhith started presenting the annual budget of Tk 250,506 crore for fiscal year 2014-15 at the parliament on Thursday afternoon where he showed his concern in health section. A total of Tk 11,146 crore allocation has been proposed for the heath and welfare

GlaxoSmithKline fined $105m

DHAKA: British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay $105 million to settle allegations by 44 states and the District of Columbia of the United Sates on America that it promoted its medicines for unapproved uses. Several USA states attorneys general announced the settlement on

Autism progs mandatory in WHO

DHAKA: Health Minister Mohammad Nasim on Wednesday said it is great diplomatic success for Bangladesh to make the autism related health programmes mandatory in World Health Organization (WHO).   In this regard, a regulation was passed in WHO convention, he said. The health minister

Nasim dissatisfied over health budget

DHAKA: Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the budget allocation for the health sector in the upcoming fiscal year. The health minister, also ruling Awami League lawmaker, came up with the discontent while talking to journalists at

3 ways to lose weight without dieting

Dhaka: Cutting back on calories sounds good in theory, but not in practice. Here’s what science says about other tricks to bring weight down. No one needs to be told that if they eat less, they’ll probably weigh less. But if it were that simple, we wouldn’t be staring down a

'Resist urge to control e-cigarettes': WHO

DHAKA: A letter signed by more than 50 researchers and public health specialists is urging the World Health Organization (WHO) to "resist the urge to control and suppress e-cigarettes". The letter says the devices - which deliver nicotine in a vapour - could be a "significant health

Safe Motherhood Day being marked

DHAKA: Safe Motherhood Day is being celebrated across the country on Wednesday with the theme of “Let us ensure safe motherhood”. On the occasion of the National Safe Motherhood Day-2014 several organizations have chalked out various types of program as usual. Besides, on the

Kidney dialysis machine for babies

DHAKA: Italian scientists have designed a dialysis machine specifically to treat babies with kidney failure, which they say could improve treatment. Dialysis machines for adults can cause complications when used in very young children, the Lancet study says. The miniaturised machine has

Intern Drs’ registration cancellation demanded

MYMENSINGH: The students of local nursing colleges Wednesday staged demonstration and wear black badges protesting the attack on intern nurses of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital by the intern doctors. The agitating students also demanded the cancellation of registrations of

Osmani Medical nurses postpone demo

SYLHET: Intern nurses postponed their demonstrations at MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital after Tuesday evening. Confirming the matter to banglanews, Sylhet Nursing College principal Shilpi Chakrabarty said, “The probe committee began working from Tuesday afternoon; the demo has been

Intern nurses declare 2-day progs

DHAKA: Intern nurses of Dhaka Nursing College Tuesday declared two-day programmes protesting attack on them by intern doctors at Sylhet MAG Osmani Hospital.  Bangladesh Nurses Association (BNA), Diploma Nurses Association and two other nurses association declared the programmes in the

Prostate cancer ‘linked to sex bug’

DHAKA: Prostate cancer may be a sexually transmitted disease caused by a common yet often silent infection passed on during intercourse, scientists say, but experts say proof is still lacking. Although several cancers are caused by infections, Cancer Research UK says it is too early to

MAGO MCH nurses start strike

SYLHET: Nurses of the Sylhet M.A.G. Osmani Medical College Hospital (MAGO MCH) went on work abstention from Monday noon protesting an assault of fellow by intern doctors.  The announcement came from a human chain at 12:45pm in front of the hospital.  Earlier of the day, the intern

Regulate food 'like cigarettes'

DHAKA: The food industry should be regulated like the tobacco industry as obesity poses a greater global health risk than cigarettes, say international groups. Consumers International and the World Obesity Federation are calling for the adoption of more stringent rules. These could

Youth smokers increasing, says study

DHAKA: The percentage of people who smoke has been increased to 49—eight percent more than that of last year--while percentage of juvenile and youth smokers has increased to 69, 12-percent more from last year. Besides, some 97 percent smokers did not pay fines for smoking at the public

5 foods to fight blood pressure

DHAKA: Here are a few items that you should stock up to reduce your blood pressure levels Fighting blood pressure and sugar levels while craving for food might be a difficult job. Here a few food items that can help you lower your blood pressure levels and keep it at a normal level.

Alcohol kills 3.3 million people in 2012

DHAKA: More than 3 million people died from using alcohol in 2012, for reasons ranging from cancer to violence, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Monday, as it called on governments to do more to limit the damage. ‘More needs to be done to protect populations from the

Interns attack journos at DMCH

DHAKA: The intern doctors of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) attacked journalists while were performing duties at emergency department division on Tuesday.      A few numbers of journalists were injured in the attack and the agitated doctors vandalized a camera of ATN News

World facing polio health emergency

DHAKA: The World Health Organization has declared the spread of polio is an international public health emergency. Outbreaks in Asia, Africa and Middle East are an ‘extraordinary event’ needing a co-ordinated ‘international response’, the agency said, reports the BBC. It