Monday, 27 Sep, 2021


Anti-ISIS coalition condemns Kabul terror attack

Washington [US]: The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS strongly condemned the terrorist attack outside Kabul airport, which took place last week, the US Department of State said in a statement on Monday. “The Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS strongly condemns the attacks that

Joe Biden defends US pull-out as Taliban claim victory

US President Joe Biden has defended his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan - a move which led to Taliban militants returning to power. Staying longer was not an option, Mr Biden said in an address to the nation, a day after the end of a 20-year US presence in Afghanistan.

Auto major Tesla in talks with Indian firms for supplies

Mumbai: Tesla is in talks with at least three Indian auto component suppliers as part of its plans to enter the local market, the Economic Times reported. The company is seeking critical electrical, electronic and mechanical components, the report said, citing people familiar with the

Dialogue with Taliban does not mean their recognition, says Macron

Paris [France]: Dialogue with the Taliban does not mean their recognition, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday. “This dialogue is needed for the evacuation,” Macron said in an interview with the TF-1 television channel, reported TASS. “The Taliban

Taliban attempting to portray 'good image' but fundamentals still same: Experts

KABUL: The Taliban after the siege of Afghanistan is trying to deliver a moderate image to the world in an attempt to gain international confidence but experts say that the scenes at the Kabul airport were proof that the terrorist group has returned with the same radical and violence

Armed robbers take hostages in deadly bank raids in Brazil city

Bank robbers armed with explosives and high-powered rifles have plunged a Brazilian city into terror early Monday, taking civilians hostage and even putting some on their cars while making their escape. Video shared on social media showed a booming shootout and men dressed in black

20-year of US presence in Afghanistan ends

The Taliban says Afghanistan is a ‘free and sovereign’ nation as it hails the exit of US troops after 20 years of occupation, describing their departure as a “historic moment”. Taliban fighters on Tuesday took charge of Kabul’s airport hours after the last

"Pakistan Gave Birth To Taliban To Counter India": Former Afghan Envoy

Islamabad: Pakistan had birthed Taliban in an attempt to counter India, a former Afghan envoy has said citing former Pakistan president General Pervez Musharraf. Mahmoud Saikal, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan and Ambassador to the UN and Australia on Saturday tweeted,

UK: Anti-Taliban protest in London enters 2nd week

London [UK]: The anti-Taliban protest in the UK entered the second week on Sunday after thousands of people took to the streets of central London on August 21 to condemn the takeover of Afghanistan. Various UK-based Afghan community groups and leaders organised the march, which began

2 Pak Army soldiers killed in exchange of fire from across Afghan border

Two Pakistan Army soldiers were killed in an exchange of fire with terrorists from across the Afghan border in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. In a statement on Sunday, the Pak military's media wing "strongly" condemned the use of Afghan soil by terrorists for activities

Hurricane Ida: New Orleans loses power as storm strikes

The US city of New Orleans has lost power, with only generators working, as Hurricane Ida batters Louisiana. The storm brought 150mph (240km/h) winds when it made landfall and those people who did not flee have been advised to shelter in place. One person was killed when a tree fell

UAE to issue visas for tourists vaccinated against COVID-19 from all countries

The UAE will begin accepting tourist visa applications for people who are vaccinated against the coronavirus from all countries starting from August 30, state news agency WAM reported on Saturday. Applicants must have taken the full doses of the COVID-19 vaccines approved by the World

Explosion near Kabul airport amid attack warnings

The Taliban has said that a US airstrike targeted a suicide bomber in a vehicle who wanted to attack the Kabul international airport amid the American military’s evacuation there. In what appeared to be a separate incident on Sunday, a rocket struck a neighbourhood just northwest

In Letter to Biden, US Congress Blames Complete Withdrawal of Forces for Afghanistan's Situation

In a letter written to US President Joe Biden, the US Congress has alleged that it is complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan that is responsible for the situation in the gulf nation. Congress also questioned the delay of the evacuation of US personnel and Afghan partners.

China condemns sailing of US Navy Coast Guard ships through Taiwan Strait

Beijing [China]: China on Saturday condemned the United States for sailing a guided-missile destroyer and a coast guard cutter through the Taiwan Strait, calling Washington a main "violator of peace and stability" in the 180-kilometre-wide waterway. The US 7th Fleet on Friday

Govt unveils new initiative to revive crafts sector in Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR — The government of India’s newly created Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has unveiled a new scheme to revive the ailing crafts sector in the region. Known as “Karkhandar,” the scheme seeks to upscale the learning techniques of trainees and help the

More than 500 migrants rescued off Italian island 

Italian coastguard vessels have rescued 539 migrants from a fishing boat drifting off the island of Lampedusa. The rescue on Saturday delivered one of the largest numbers of migrants to the Italian island in a single day. Women and children were among those on board. Some of the

Another Kabul airport attack likely, Biden warns

Another attack on Kabul airport is highly likely, US President Joe Biden has warned, saying commanders have told him it could come as early as Sunday. The state department has urged all US citizens to leave the area near the airport because of a "specific, credible threat".

Kabul residents struggle to fulfil basic needs, running out of cash

Days after the Taliban took over the war-torn country, the residents of Kabul are reeling from a cash shortage as the banks are closed and ATMs are running out of money. Most of the ATMs are running out of money in the capital city and people have to wait for hours out the money in

Uyghur Children of Incarcerated Parents Undergo Political Education in Xinjiang Schools

A group of Uyghur elementary school students whose parents are incarcerated in internment camps or prison are being subjected to “special political education” classes in schools in northwestern China’s Xinjiang, with some pupils developing serious emotional problems and