Monday, 27 Sep, 2021


US Space Force chief convinced China would use satellite killers

WASHINGTON -- Gen. John Raymond, the chief of the U.S. Space Force, says that the security of the final frontier faces a "full spectrum of threats" from China that needs to be countered by allied cooperation. The Chinese have built and are building "everything from

No star-worshipping: Xi's cultural clampdown has echoes of past

Dominant Communist Party of Maoist era risks stifling growth and innovation A stunt by Chinese fans to mark the birthday of a young celebrity elicited a harsh rebuke from Beijing that for some evoked uncomfortable echoes of the Cultural Revolution. A Chinese fan club for the pop

EU expresses concerns over human rights, enforced disappearances in Pakistan before renewal of GSP Plus

European Union's Ambassador to Pakistan Androulla Kaminara on Wednesday expressed concerns over human rights and enforced disappearances in Pakistan before the renewal of GSP Plus that is going to expire by the end of 2023. Kaminara said that the protection of human rights, press

UN condemns Taliban crackdown in Afghanistan

The UN has condemned the Taliban for what its "increasingly violent response" to dissent, weeks after the group's rapid takeover of Afghanistan. Taliban fighters killed four people during recent protests, the UN said. Demonstrations have taken place across Afghanistan

Biden calls for unity as US marks 9/11

US President Joe Biden has urged unity as his country remembers the victims of the 2001 11 September attacks. In a video released on the eve of the 20th anniversary, he paid tribute to the 2,977 people who lost their lives. "We honour all those who risked and gave their lives

Chinese air force may have cracked how to land a hypersonic drone

Landing an unmanned aircraft flying at above five times the speed of sound on a standard air strip is not easy, but Chinese military researchers say they have found a way to make it safer, potentially bringing applications for hypersonic flight a step closer. The technology has

'Nationhood is reality, not your religion', says prominent Indian Muslim lawyer mocking Taliban cheerleaders

As the Taliban insurgents overran Afghanistan, some from the Muslim community in India celebrated the prospect of a hardline Islamic nation's rebirth after two decades. But thinking minds of the same community in India are red-flagging such outpourings as meaningless, irrelevant and

No PhD, Master's degree required...non-high schooler Mullahs and Taliban are the greatest': Taliban education minister

Kabul/IBNS: The Taliban, which unveiled a caretaker government on September 7, less than a month after seizing power in Afghanistan, has been acting as expected. A day after assuming the role, education minister and Taliban leader Sheikh Molvi Noorullah Munir questioned the

Ex-Afghan president Ghani apologises after fleeing

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has apologised to the people of Afghanistan after fleeing to take refuge in the United Arab Emirates. "Leaving Kabul was the most difficult decision of my life," he said, adding that he was sorry he "could not make it end

Taliban ban on co-education results in partition of university classes

Kabul [Afghanistan]: After the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, its decision to ban co-education has resulted in the partition of university classrooms. "Partition in University classrooms after Taliban announced that male and female students should not attend one

Chinese students face delays for UK visas

Chinese students have been experiencing delays in getting UK visas, which was caused by an increasing volume of visa applications, said the British Embassy in Beijing. Meanwhile, insiders noted that Chinese students' perspectives have changed when it comes to applying for schools

BGI prenatal gene test under scrutiny for Chinese military links

BEIJING: Health regulators in five countries are examining a prenatal test that collects the DNA of women and foetuses for research, while some doctors that promoted it and clinics that sell it say they were unaware the company that produces it also conducts research with the Chinese

At least 41 dead after fire breaks out in Indonesian jail

At least 41 people have died in Indonesia after a fire broke out at an overcrowded prison on the outskirts of the capital Jakarta. The blaze broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning at Tangerang jail, when most of the prisoners were asleep. There were 122 inmates staying in

Mohammad Hasan Akhund, the head of Taliban govt

The Taliban have named Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund to lead their new interim government, nearly three weeks after the group seized control of the country. Mullah Akhund is on a UN sanctions list and is the longtime head of the Taliban’s powerful decision-making body Rehbari

7 Pakistanis get death sentence in Egypt

CAIRO: A court in Egypt on Sunday sentenced eight foreigners and two Egyptians to death on charges of smuggling in over two tonnes of heroin by sea, a judicial source said. Authorities seized the drugs brought in via the Red Sea, worth around 2.5 billion pounds ($159 million), in 2019.

Democratic world must group together to fight against China's overt, covert operations: Experts

New Delhi: The covert and overt influence operations carried out by the Communist Party of China (CCP) in cultivating, funding, and sponsoring institutions, including the media and individual opinion-makers, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, revealed a report by think-tank

Visible change in every field in J-K after abrogation of Article 370: Jitendra Singh

Union Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh has said that after abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019 there is a visible change in every field including completion of unfinished projects, implementation of centrally sponsored schemes, infrastructure

Justin Trudeau hit by stones on campaign trail

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been hit by gravel thrown by protesters during a campaign stop. He was returning to his bus after visiting a brewery when he was struck by small stones. He was not injured. Mr Trudeau called a snap election in mid-August, in the hope of

Taliban declares victory over Panjshir

The Taliban have declared victory over the province of Panjshir northeast of the capital Kabul, the final pocket of territory which has remained outside their rule. The group posted footage online of their fighters raising their flag there on Monday. Resistance fighters however said

Sales of hijabs, burqas soar in Afghanistan after Taliban mandates it for education, work

Kabul: In Afghanistan, sales of hijab and burqa increased after the Taliban announced that only women wearing the hijab will have access to education and work. Women started buying head and body coverings out of fear that the Taliban would hunt down and beat them up if they were seen