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Prantorer Gaan: Personifying Bangabandhu as Poetic Metaphor

Ranju Raim |
Update: 2023-11-20 15:00:20
Prantorer Gaan: Personifying Bangabandhu as Poetic Metaphor

"Prantorer Gaan" is a poetic endeavor to personify Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with profound poetic insight. This extensive poem, written by the renowned contemporary poet Harisul Hoque, is a significant literary work.

Hoque, having been an eyewitness to the extraordinary leadership of Bangabandhu, grew up immersed in the political ideology of the great leader. This ideology, rooted in patriotism and Bengali nationalism, is eloquently portrayed in the large poem "Prantorer Gaan."

Upon reading "Prantorer Gaan," one cannot help but acknowledge Harisul Hoque's deep devotion and unconditional love for Bangabandhu. The poet beautifully captures Bangabandhu's philanthropy towards the masses and the country in this expansive poem. Writing such an extraordinary poem requires a personal connection, firsthand experience of his leadership, extensive reading, intellectual and emotional insight, and poetic creativity. Harisul Hoque has successfully combined these elements to create a meaningful and impactful poem.

With a poetic journey spanning over three decades and more than twenty-eight published books of poems, Harisul Hoque has garnered a dedicated readership. Unaffected by various media influences, Hoque's poetry, including "Prantorer Gaan," reflects his genuine mental, emotional, and intellectual disposition.

As I delved into "Prantorer Gaan," I immersed myself in its verses, attempting to grasp the essence of the poem. The work is adorned with poetic ornamentation that vividly amplifies the patriotism of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his remarkable leadership. While the name Bangabandhu may not be explicitly mentioned throughout the poem, his presence permeates every line, intricately woven into the fabric of the verses. Harisul Hoque allegorically and rhetorically presents Bangabandhu and his leadership, portraying his intimate knowledge of the country. The poet successfully conveys the enduring presence of Bangabandhu, even though he was tragically taken away from us years after the country gained independence.

In "Prantorer Gaan," Harisul Hoque skillfully articulates these concepts allegorically, creating a poignant and impactful poem. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to him for this significant contribution to Bengali poetry.

It is noteworthy that "Prantorer Gaan" has been translated into English by poet Munir Siraz, thereby broadening its accessibility to international readers. I express my gratitude to both poet Harisul Hoque and translator Munir Siraz for their valuable contributions. The book, published by Kobitasangkranti and featuring a cover designed by Mostafiz Karigar, is priced at Tk 800, with a printing date of September 2023.

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