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Noam Chomsky discharged from hospital following false death reports

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Update: 2024-06-19 19:57:17
Noam Chomsky discharged from hospital following false death reports

Renowned American linguist Noam Chomsky has been discharged from a hospital in São Paulo in Brazil and will continue his treatment at home, according to a report by the Associated Press (AP).

The 95-year-old Chomsky, known for his groundbreaking work in linguistics and his outspoken political activism, has been undergoing treatment in Brazil. Recent reports mistakenly claimed that Chomsky had passed away, prompting his wife, Valeria Wasserman, to refute the rumours. “It’s false. He is well,” she stated in an email to AFP.

Noam Chomsky hospitalised after stroke

Chomsky, hospitalised in São Paulo a year ago due to a stroke, continues to grapple with speech difficulties and impaired movement on his right side. Valeria confirmed his recent hospitalisation, stating that he is recuperating from the stroke he endured last year.

Wasserman provided an update on his health to ABC News, affirming, “He is well.” Despite the stroke’s significant impact, Chomsky is receiving care from neurologists, speech therapists, and lung specialists.

Chomsky was transported to Brazil from the United States via air ambulance, accompanied by two nurses, once he had recovered sufficiently to travel. The couple has been residing in São Paulo since 2015. His health deteriorated further in June 2023 due to the stroke, necessitating the move.

Noam Chomsky false death reports

False death reports circulated online, prompting notable figures to prematurely pay tribute. Media outlets such as Jacobin and The New Statesman initially published essays that resembled obituaries, which were later amended after the rumours were debunked.

Chomsky’s Wikipedia page displayed a disclaimer titled “Please Read Before Reporting This Person Dead," to address the false reports. The disclaimer stated, "Wikipedia is aware that Noam Chomsky has been reported dead by some sources on the Internet. To prevent harm to living persons, we do not report any individual as dead if it might not be true.”

Despite his health challenges, Chomsky remains engaged with global events. According to a report by AP, Wasserman mentioned that he continues to follow the conflict in Gaza closely, often reacting strongly to images of the devastation.

Who is Noam Chomsky?

Noam Chomsky, born on December 7, 1928, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has profoundly impacted the field of linguistics since the 1950s. His revolutionary approach to language, treating it as a “uniquely human”, biologically based cognitive capacity, has been foundational in linguistics. Chomsky’s work extended beyond linguistics into cognitive psychology and the philosophies of mind and language, contributing significantly to the “cognitive revolution”.

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