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Thousand Islands of Hope

Susan Binte Omar |
Update: 2014-07-09 10:22:00
Thousand Islands of Hope

The lightning in the horizon brought the smell of rain, 

It all starts to melt away, the worries, a long day of pain. 

Sweet aroma of homeland, that I still recall,

So many memories pass by as lives befall. 

Mementos of ones that love, touches of the ones who care, 

Urges to always hang onto them and losing is what we fear. 

Do you believe in letting go, do any of us follow? 

Neglect our own advice as we stare at the hollow. 

Moments pass by as we try so hard to hold on tight, 

We think its oh so possible, just stand up and fight. 

All of us are a bunch of nobody’s, whether we are a king or a pope, we just keep bouncing in our heads forever... 

Among the thousand islands of hope. 

Fort Wayne Indiana USA 

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