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Tutor or Monster?

Shawan Sarkar, Kolkata |
Update: 2014-07-23 09:21:00
Tutor or Monster?

Puja Singh, a home tutor has brutally beaten up a three and a half years old student, after asking the child's mother to leave the room as it becomes difficult for the child to concentrate in his studies.

However, the bedroom CCTV footage visualized the corporal punishment, showing that the child was ruthlessly slapped, kicked, punched on stomach, and swept off by the rouge tutor.

Wednesday, this incident happened in Lake Town area, Dakshindara, Ultadanga.

The alleged, Puja was appointed as the child's governess few days back, from which on the parents noticed the child behaving weirdly.

Later on, the child complained to his parents that he is beaten up by the governess daily, and thus they placed a CCTV camera in his room, with the help of which the harsh truth of the governess came before them.

The parents called up Puja, and her husband to their house, and questioned her about the horrifying treatment to their child.

Puja denied to the matter at first, but later on she threatened the student's family to harm their child, even if they think of lodging any complain against her.

Today morning, the victim's parents filed a FIR against Puja Singh, in Lake Town Police Station.

They even stated that the child is suffering from chest and head injuries, and has been admitted to R.G KAR Hospital.

Police said that it is found that Puja used to punish all her students like that, and she might have been mentally sick to act as such.

In the footage, it also came before that after thrashing the child, the governess opened the almirah and stole money and jewellery from there.

The address given to the parents by Puja was fake, and she and her husband fled in no time.

Though, Puja is untraceable right now, strict actions will be taken against her, once she is being caught, as said by the police source.

BDST: 1921 HRS, JUL 23, 2014

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