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Part 2

Day in Rain Forest and Lakes

Saleque Sufi |
Update: 2014-08-12 00:51:00
Day in Rain Forest and Lakes

Perhaps never before in my 33 years conjugal life I have seen my wife Rozy so much overwhelmed with joy. To admit very frankly I could never give any free time to my wife and family for my very busy national and international commitment. I always had a heart bleeding that I have opportunity for visiting many beautiful places in many different countries of the world but my wife and son had never seen snow before .She was really shinning like a red rose and was busy using her photography skills. Mind you she was also fasting.

As mentioned in part one that this was the first experience of snow for Rozy and Shuvro they were a bit out of wit what to do and were acting like kids –running , sliding , throwing snow balls . The day was bright and visibility was great. Luckily it was not snowing for the two hours we spent on snow. Tourists from all over the world assembles at this time of the year at this picturesque Mount for snow watching. It is not cold like Siberia, Canada or Norway but compared to average Australian climate 2 degree Celsius was really cold. As I like to widen my networks met and talked with few Japanese, Taiwanese and Canadians while Rozy and Shuvra kept playing with ice. Suddenly around 1PM weather started getting rough, snowflakes kept pouring and chilly wind started blowing forcing us inside the warm mount top restaurant. We two had sumptuous lunch – Cream of Zucchini Soup and Vegetable Feta . Rozy could not be persuaded to break her fast. She kept on taking photograph with her Nikon DSLR. When sort of a little blizzard blew past we started riding back the Chair lift for visiting other locations of Mount Buller range. We had better views of Snow covered mountain tops on way back and could take better photographs.  My insistence on not allowing Rozy and Shuvra skiing on the ice appeared to have made me a bit unpopular with both.

On return to the Car park are we rode the free shuttle bus to travel to the Mount Buller village where we experienced several other mysteries of the beautiful range. We visited the museum, moved to another peak and this time was forced to let Rozy and Shuvro ski a little bit with a Sikh Family from India. Remembering the challenges of driving back we left the peak by 3PM and taking the shuttle bus returned to the car park. The drive back was less panicky as Shuvro grew more confident. We again were listening to rich choice of melodious Bangla Song all the way back to Mansfield Resort. On the way back enjoyed the blooming Golden wattle and drove past several cattle farms and wineries. We returned the rented car chain and few snow clothing that we hired in the morning

Evening at Mansfield: 
After Rozy broke her fast she went out with Shuvro to check the Indian and Thai restaurants feeling that I have fancy for Seafood Thai soup. I was glued to Shangrakara – Mahela batting against Pakistan on TV. Mother and son returned after some time with king lobsters fry and Sea Food Nodules for me and I could feel their joy they got on the day. We found that my Samsung Mobile photographs were equally good of the photographs mother and son took during the day. Anyway could not argue. Shuvro was busy checking places which he planned to visit on way back. We planned to start early and also planned to fast. The amount of food we had was enough for 10-12 persons. My friends who are aware about my eating habits know very well sometimes I can take food which may be enough for dozen people. We kept on talking and watching TV till mid night. Rozy suggested me doing research on Michael Jackson as to why he had embraced Islam and write a book than trying writing bits and pieces on everything. I do not know whether I am qualified enough to write on Music Legend but I promised I will give a try.

Morning at Mansfield Resort:
We had to vacate the resort by 9PM on 8 August. Rozy kept everything packed and we did not have to bother for breakfast as we three were fasting. We took some photographs in the beautiful surroundings. We pledged for longer visit of the area on the next opportunity when we set off to our journey back home as Shuvro already decided to visit some rain forests and lakes on way back.  The places we targeted to visit were Lake Eliden National Park, Village Alexandria and Jerusalem Lake. Listening to rare collections of Rozy music whistled away the time while green rain forest and snake sharp roads along steep hill slopes were better negotiated by Shuvro. I missed my fishing rods as plenty of angling opportunities prevailed in the area. I registered with Eliden big fish challenge scheduled for October 2014 and since returning from hill holidaying had obtained permits for angling in Victoria.

Boating At Jerusalem Lake:
Why of all names a lake in remote Victoria have to have Names of Jerusalem? That was broken by a sober looking local owner of rented engine boats and speed boats. He mentioned this lovely looking lake is a blessing to the area as every year in summer hundreds of anglers visit the place for fishing and boating. The villagers believe that the feeling of peaceful coexistence of the peace to be ideal solution for peace in Middle East among people of conflicting religion fanatics. We hired a boat for an hour.

The owner explained us the operating the boat and we three agreed to share driving equally. Shuvra got the first opportunity as Rozy was busy with photography of the enchanting surrounding. She almost snatched the driving opportunity from her son and enjoyed operating for almost half an hour. I had only opportunity for 10 minutes. For a lady having two of her heart valve changed only few months before it was a dare devil adventure. I struggled to anchor the boat back to the shore through a very crowded assembly of boats.
To be continued.

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