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SUCCESS is a POWER GLASS but sometimes it goes up and goes down!

Mohammad Hasan, Guest Writer |
Update: 2022-10-01 14:36:43
SUCCESS is a POWER GLASS but sometimes it goes up and goes down! Mohammad Hasan

Living on the planet, people are always crazy for SUCCESS and it is true that there is no hard and fast rule on how you can achieve it.

Asking the history of success, everyone tells success is more than drinking a glass of cold water after massive hard work, discomfort, and distress. Even if we ask anyone from bottom to top, everyone will share that success is a classic photogenic expression that can be twisted after facing many spots in different parts of their lives.

How could you blend Success? Definitions from the research, it is found that success is a solid storied building that neither you can ignore nor you can feel the refreshment of a new height. You can see many examples all over the world.  There are many cases visible in the world where people are always hungry for success and for success, they can do anything they like. Is it true? But it’s come out many examples from the corporate world whether the relationship between employee and employer is better than their expected performance and even, on the other hand, it’s also noticed that there are a number of organizations that have strong JD. and SOP how they can align the employer and employee for better results. Currently, in this technological world, people are measuring success by the following paradigm if he or she is capable of exercising technology effectively in the organization or they have techno commercial knowledge and these are obviously a bosom part of Success.  

Further, the reciprocal part of the success has many limitations on whether people can act and react to it, and even sometimes they blame each other to be top or to get down for their inconvenient decisions, directions, arguments, disruptions, etc.  Believe it or not, at present, corporate politics and unethical excuses are quite natural and normal and consequently, the outcome between the parties from their end is very normal in the organization. To whom you are guilty or you are to blame those. 

So, you cannot stop the people, cannot stop their ridiculous intoxications but they are not blind, they are really blind off.   

As a result, it goes up and it will never stop but people are pretending this colloquialism and they are loudly saying WOW, WELLDONE, KEEP IT UP, ROCKZ, and more.  

As we share success has many stages of countable and uncountable pedagogy where evaluation, in the end, is more realistic and professional to a number of extents. If it is believed by two parties, Success can be optimistically measured and the consequences are outclassed for everyone.  

At this age, MAMA Phones can bring diversity to the workplace? Do you believe it? If I ask job seekers, they will answer that 10% to 20 % are vice versa and completely rely on it but as a whole this is unconsidered. Finally, Success is a real riding horse and we don’t know its end.

Now, this is your turn. How you can bring it to you??? 

Writer: Mohammad Hasan
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