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AI robot to enhance experiences of Hajj-Umrah pilgrims

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Update: 2024-02-17 18:10:23
AI robot to enhance experiences of Hajj-Umrah pilgrims File Photo; Collected

Saudi Arabia has reaffirmed its commitment to harnessing artificial intelligence to serve pilgrims and Umrah performers and enhance their spiritual journey.

The Presidency of Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque said it is using the latest technologies, including a ‘Guidance Roboto’, to facilitate the rituals of Hajj and Umrah.

The Guidance Robot is designed to assist visitors by responding to their religious inquiries related to the performance of Hajj and Umrah rituals with clarity and precision, utilising the latest approved religious fatwas.

The robot offers simplified explanations of these rituals in Arabic and eleven other international languages, ensuring that the information is accessible to a global audience. The languages include Arabic, English, French, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Malay, Urdu, Chinese, Bengali, and Hausa. Additionally, the robot features a 21-inch touch screen providing various services to visitors of the Grand Mosque.

Equipped with four wheels and a smart stop system, the robot moves smoothly. It is also equipped with front and bottom cameras that capture high-resolution images of the surroundings, ensuring clear transmission. The robot boasts speakers with high clarity in sound and a microphone that captures sound with exceptional quality.

Using a wireless network system (Wi-Fi) at a speed of 5 GHz, the robot enables fast and high data transmission, enhancing the efficiency of its services.

A unique feature of this robot is its ability to enable visitors to communicate directly with scholars and sheikhs via visual communication technology. This allows for clarification on real-time fatwas and guidance on religious issues of concern to the pilgrims.

Additionally, the robot provides simultaneous translation of sermons and religious lessons delivered at the Grand Mosque, making these insightful teachings available in eleven international languages without the need for human translators.

The Guidance Robot offers several benefits to pilgrims and Umrah performers. Its ability to quickly and accurately respond to inquiries saves valuable time and effort.

The robot's service is available around the clock, offering constant support to visitors seeking information and guidance. Its ease of use makes it accessible to all visitors, regardless of their cultural or linguistic background.

Source: Gulf News

BDST: 1810 HRS, FEB 17, 2024

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