Thursday, 11 Aug, 2022


Vegetables you should avoid

DHAKA: While we recommend vegetables in every shape, colour and form, not all vegetables are healthy when consumed in certain unhealthy ways.Most vegetables when eaten in their natural form, cooked at home, are great, but we don`t always eat vegetables like that, do we? And what about the

Want more tolerant kid? Keep away him TV

DHAKA: Too much time in front of the television can blunt young children’s ability to accept and understand others, says the latest research.Theory of mind is something that children typically develop during the preschool years — it’s the ability to start teasing apart individual

Anti-fungal drug makes flu worse

DHAKA: A drug commonly used to beat severe fungal infections can make flu far worse, animal studies suggest.The effects in people are still uncertain, but doctors have called for it to be assessed "urgently".The medicine, Amphotericin B, is given to people needing chemotherapy or a bone

Eat nuts, live longer

DHAKA: Hungry? Grab a handful of nuts. Not only are they packed with protein, but it turns out they may be the food for longevity.At least, that`s the conclusion of the largest study to date looking at the relationship between eating nuts and longer lives. Nuts are high in unsaturated

Women play key role improving health

DHAKA: Despite low spending on health, a weak health system and widespread poverty, Bangladesh has achieved great strides in life expectancy, vaccination rates, TB control and a child’s chances of surviving past the age of five, according to a series of focus papers published in The

Nuts good for health, study says

DHAKA: People who eat a diet rich in nuts, including peanuts, are less likely to die from heart disease or cancer, new research suggests.The more nuts consumed, the greater the apparent benefit, according to the report, ‘Nuts used to be demonized because they’re high in fat. Now, 20

Children `slower than parents were`

DHAKA: Many children cannot run as fast as their parents could when they were young, a study of global fitness says.Experts say the work - being presented at the American Heart Association`s annual meeting - suggests children`s fitness levels may be declining.Researchers analysed data

588 children get normal legs

RAJSHAHI: Some 588 children got their 850 normal legs with the treatment of Ponseti method that corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery.The disclosure came from a seminar organized by Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on Tuesday morning.Rajshahi Medical College (RMC)

Antibiotics not for running noses

DHAKA: Running noses and green phlegm do not mean patients need antibiotics, say doctors and public health experts.It was described as a "prevailing myth" that the drugs were needed to treat such infections.Public Health England and the Royal College of General Practitioners said the

Rice increases exposure to arsenic!

DHAKA: An unprecedented probe into high levels of arsenic in groundwater strengthens suspicions that eating rice boosts exposure to the poison.Samples provided by 18,470 volunteers living in an arsenic-contaminated district showed that those who ate large amounts of rice had higher levels

Top 4 foods to stay alert at work

DHAKA: Soon after lunch, people experience afternoon sprawl. Citrus fruits or dark chocolates can help you in being more productive at work.Chips from the vending machine or cookies your co-worker baked are not what your brain needs. suggests a list of food items to

Health don’t rely on vitamins

DHAKA: Americans spend nearly $12 billion each year on vitamin supplements, hoping they will steer us away from diseases like cancer and heart attacks. But it turns out they’re just a drain on our wallets.Should healthy people take supplements to keep them healthy? A panel of experts

800 received free health check-up

DHAKA: A total of 24 Crore people are affected from Diabetes in the world by 2025 the number will rise to 38 crore.Among them, in Asia including Bangladesh the number of affected people is 20 percent and it would be 80 percent by the year of 2025. So, the felt need is to develop a massive

11 foods that are changing the world

DHAKA: As far as food sources go, there are few better than insects: the average grasshopper, for example, is low-cost, low-calorie, exists in abundance, and contains 29% of your daily protein value.That’s a main reason why they’re such a diet staple for some 2 billion people in Asia,

10 pc people will have diabetes by 2035

DHAKA: The International Diabetes Federation released a report Thursday that said that 10 percent of the global population will have diabetes by 2035.The report, which was released on International Diabetes Day, said that 382 million people will have diabetes by the end of this year, and

BRAC to cure TB patients

DHAKA: Tuberculosis is curable. Now it is not a death cause disease. If a tuberculosis affected person eats full course drug regularly, they will be cured normally.In this regard, health ministry took a project to reach the drug available to the people of every corner of the country. It

Mother’s exercise helps child’s brain maturity

DHAKA: A research claimed that women who exercise in pregnancy boost the brain development of their newborn babies and the effect could benefit children for the rest of their lives. Babies` brains showed more mature patterns of activity, linked to better mental performance in later life,

A smarter way to prevent heart attack

DHAKA: The well-established strategy among doctors for reducing cardiovascular disease has been to lower bad cholesterol, or LDL, to specific targets (below 100 or below 70 for people at high risk). No more. New clinical guidelines unveiled Tuesday take a more broad approach to assess a

9 socking food facts

DHAKA: Think you know the rules about healthy foods and can pick the best-for-you fruit from the produce section? These facts might surprise you.More than half of Americans say they give a lot of thought to the healthfulness of foods and beverages they consume.But much of what we read and

Scan predicts heart attack risk

DHAKA: A new way of scanning the heart can identify those who may be at high risk of a heart attack, early tests suggest.It can identify dangerous plaques in the arteries which nourish the heart. If a fatty plaque ruptures, it can lead to a clot, blocking the flow of blood.Scientists at