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'Sukhi Poribar Call Center 16767' provides health services through mobile phone

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Update: 2021-05-12 11:48:45
'Sukhi Poribar Call Center 16767' provides health services through mobile phone

6 in the evening, Rahima (pseudonym) called in Sukhi Poribar call center. Rahima is married, she is a mother of 3 children. She does not want to have children again. But her husband is forcing her a lot. In this situation, she cannot go to anyone, and cannot say anything to anyone. Now she wants to know what she should do, or what kind of birth control method she should use. Like Rahima, many people are calling "Sukhi Poribar Call Center 16767" 24 hours a day on different health and family-planning-related issues.

The Directorate General of Family Planning under Health Education and Family Welfare Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is operating "Sukhi Poribar Call Center 16767". This call center is managed and supervised by Synesis IT, the leading IT service provider in Bangladesh.

Mother, sister, wife - whatever the name may be called; tenderness, compassion, and love are intimately involved with them. They give their all to keep the family or the person well. But they are always indifferent to their care. The amount of labor and time a woman spends on household chores every day is unusual and significant in many cases. And if we consider the women who are working outside; their challenges and struggles to maintain both the home and office are immense, because have to work in both places indoors and outdoors in equal rhythm. Many women do not have time to think about the risk of their physical and mental illness when dealing with indoor and outdoor activities. As a result, most women suffer from various mental and physical problems.

Both in the rural and urban areas, women are suffering from various health complications at a very young age due to various reasons including neglect of health and lack of proper knowledge. But now, they can get the necessary information and support from the call center. As we know precaution is better than cure, and that is why they needed to be aware enough about the necessary pieces of information. Anyone can call the number 16767 24 hours a day to get information about family planning methods, menstrual complications, and menstrual regularization services, prenatal and postnatal primary health care, all information and services related to neonatal and adolescent health, and Referral service. From November 1, 2020, to April 26, 2021, a total of 17,337 people received services on the above subject through this call center.

The health problem that most women face today is family planning and regular menstruation. Necessary advice is provided on all types of methods for adopting family planning. The methods are condoms, pills, implants, injections, IUDs, tubectomy, vasectomy. Information and advice are also provided on emergency birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies. From November 1 to April 27, 2021, a total of 2,317 women have received this service on family planning methods. Meanwhile, basic information and services are being provided for various problems related to delayed menstruation, long menstruation, irregular menstruation, etc. In this case, from 1st November to 27th April 2021, a total of 1074 people received the service by calling for “Mashik Shongkranto Tottho O Sheba”. In addition, 353 women have availed services on “Mashik Niyomitokoron tottho O Sheba”. 

Meanwhile, ‘Sukhi Poribar’ provides information and advice throughout the entire maternity period, including checkups during pregnancy and the postpartum period, pregnancy danger signs, ideal diet during pregnancy, tetanus vaccine, delivery planning, and preparation, breastfeeding the newborn. A total of 1751 people have taken such services. 532 people on neonatal immunizations, danger signs of newborns, nutrition of newborns, breastfeeding, etc., 762 people on physical and mental changes during adolescence, menstruation, nightmares, adolescent nutrition have taken the discussed services, and referral services have been provided to 497 people.

Due to these issues, women in developed countries have repeatedly stumbled on the way forward and women in developing countries like Bangladesh are facing obstacles in every step. But with the change of time, women today are not only limited to the kitchen, women have reached from the cockpit of the plane to the mountain top. For developing this even more it is required to create and spread awareness by forgetting all the constraints. "Sukhi Poribar Call Center “16767" is by the side of the woman as a constant companion in this path.

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