Thursday, 08 Dec, 2022

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Paris Attacks: Double Standard in World Media

Since the new wave of Paris attacks on last Friday, the mainstream media plunged into Paris and covered the heinous terrorist attack that took away 129 civilian lives. The media covered the attacks with utmost importance, making headlines after headlines.This is something we all should

Ireland follows Bangladesh's lead

It’s a sad day for Irish wooden spoon manufacturers. Ireland has just become the latest country to ban corporal punishment in all settings, including homes and schools. Wooden spoons were the most commonly cursed implement used for corporal punishment in Irish homes.Ireland banned

Returning Home with a thrilling experience

DHAKA: Can you imagine how thrilling it is to represent one’s country to other nation, experience a nation that has so many things to offer to the rovers, get exposed to the culture of that country, meeting the local people, have the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of

Technology for displaced: A bridge of hope amid crisis

DHAKA: Abu Zeid, a Syrian refugee, a few weeks ago spoke to The Guardian. He said, “I’ve reached a point where I know I could die at sea and I’m prepared to go even on a piece of wood because life is so hard. The circumstances we’ve been living in for four years until now, we’re

New hope for American kids

Bangladesh has made more advances in the implementation of children’s rights in the last few years than the USA. Bangladesh ratified the International Convention on the Rights of the Child as far back as August 1990, America still hasn’t, and is the only country in the world that

‘Knowledge for Life’

DHAKA: Today (October 13) is International Day for Disaster Reduction and ‘Knowledge for Life’ is the theme of this year.By resolution 44/236 (22 December 1989), the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) designated the second Wednesday of October International Day for Natural

Daughter of Democracy and Herald of Change

DHAKA: She gave the nation a new vision – Vision 2021, transforming Bangladesh into a middle-income country. She gave Bangladeshis the dream of Digital Bangladesh- a IT based country.Four decades into independence, she has brought solace for 3 million martyrs and their families by

German, French FMs witness climate change effects

DHAKA: Visiting foreign ministers of Germany and France Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Laurent Fabius respectively visited Bangshi River at Savar on Monday to experience the effects of climate change on Bangladesh.The trip provided them a firsthand impression of the impact of global

A safe climate future for Bangladesh, and the world

Climate change is no longer a distant perspective for “our children and grand children”; it is an urgent challenge for us, here and now. Every day, somewhere in the world, violent cyclones devastate coastlines, destroying homes and schools; droughts ravage crops and cause water

Why gender equality most critical of all global goals

At the end of this month, thousands of representatives from all over the world will gather in New York. They will witness the launch of the most ambitious universal effort since the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The reshaping and re-stating of the “larger

School Psychologists and Mental Health of Children and Youth || Saima Wazed Hossain

The concept of school psychologists is not well known in Bangladesh. Although in recent years, we have been able to bring the issue of mental health to the fore, making provisions for having psychologists in school is still unchartered territory for us. Given the work they do and the

Comprehensive Approach Needed to Address Disability Issues || Saima Wazed Hossain

Saima Wazed Hossain: Chairperson, National Advisory Committee on Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Bangladesh and Member, Expert Advisory Panel on Mental Health, World Health OrganizationBangladesh has ratified the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with

Tigers glorified Bangladesh in 2015

DHAKA: Bangladesh has been mentioned more often in 2015 with dignity and honor than ever before in the world sports arena because of superlative performances by iconic Bangladesh Cricketer Mashrafe led Bangladesh Cricket team. This writer witnessed the admirable tigers’ performance in

Great Experience, Sweet Memories

Twenty members Bangladesh Energy & Power Sectors technical and managerial senior level professionals were on a two-week long exposure cum capacity development program in Australia from July 27 till August 9, 2005.Australian Government (DFAT) assisted and RMIT-Monash University

Is killing of bloggers turning Bangladesh into a fundamental country?

DHAKA: Bloggar Niloy Chatterjee was murdered in his bedroom in Dhaka on Friday noon. His killing is fourth and fifth victim respectively in this year and since 2013 of extremist attacks.According to media reports, he wrote in a blog against religion based extremism.Already Ansarullah

France, Bangladesh celebrating common history

DHAKA: It’s my privilege and great honor to celebrate my first French National Day in Bangladesh, and to address the citizens of Bangladesh and my fellow citizens on this occasion.July 14 is the French National Day. For all of us, French people, this date is known as the Bastille Day,

The Spirit Of Ramadan

Ramadan ul Mubarak, solemnly blessed with humanity & generosity,    A divine guide for cleansing the society,   A proper time to cultivate our morality,The unique month to stimulate our spirituality,An opportunity to get closer to ALLAH Almighty.The habit of our fraudulent business &

Regional Connectivity: Bangladesh Perspective

DHAKA: The opening of doors and windows of Bangladesh all around for linkages and connectivity with next door neighbors and beyond has created opportunity for developing Bangladesh into a regional development hub, economic corridor.Bangladesh is surrounded in almost three directions West,

Water Logging and Grid Lock

DHAKA: Mega City Dhaka experienced diabolic water logging and agonizing grid locks during and after the first heavy monsoon rain of the year yesterday, 11 June 2015. Life almost came to a standstill as most of the roads in central Dhaka went under knee to waist deep water causing immense

Race for Water Odyssey: An Epic is being inked

The World has been experiencing a huge expedition and an Epic is being started writing in the name of Race for Water Odyssey, known as R4WO, without major media attention.Not the Greek hero Odysseus, a Swiss based Ocean Enthusiast Marco Simeoni is the hero of this Epic.In view to draw the