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Gazipur road crash kills mother, hurts son

GAZIPUR: A woman was killed and his son injured critically in a road crash in Konabari College Gate area of the district on Thursday afternoon.The deceased was identified as Nabiran, 44, wife of one Korban Ali, hailed from the area.Police sources said a rashly driven covered van

Indo-Bangla abandoned rail link to be restored

DHAKA: Railway Minister Mohammad Mazibul Hoque, now visiting in Agartala of India, said Bangladesh might restore the abandoned railway connectivity that existed before the partition of India to boost trade and people-to-people contact, the country's railway minister."After the

Dream journey across amazing Australia

Mahabub was very keen to visit the Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles .But thinking of the long drive and too much stress on Rozyand Koli I was not much willing to take almost four hours’ drive each way. Rozy after the first days hustle actually could not make it. This actually

Dream Journey across Amazing Australia

Apart from World Heritage Mount Wellington we planned visiting another iconic place of Tasmania, Australia. It was Cradle Mountain. Seeing believes as words can hardly describe the treasure that nature has given to this place. A true heaven on earth .There is so much to see there as tour

Dream Journey across amazing Australia

We selected Mount Wellington the World Heritage as our dream destination for the third day of our stay in Tasmania. From our base at Launceston it was about three hours’ drive. We had to prepare for the entire day with required clothing, dry food and drinks for driving to the top of the

Dream Journey Amazing Australia

Fortune favored or disfavored us to leave our country of origin, country of love and adopt Australia for living. The beautiful continent, the safe, secure, resourceful lovely country was in our vision from childhood. My mother used to talk about it when teaching geography .But really

Dream Days at Exotic Bali

Part one Australians and New Zealanders prefer escaping to warmer regions in winter breaks especially during school holidays in June. Most of them prefer the Indonesian Island, Bali for its excellent tourist attractions. The beaches are picturesque, food is sumptuous, people are very

Day in Rain Forest and Lakes

Perhaps never before in my 33 years conjugal life I have seen my wife Rozy so much overwhelmed with joy. To admit very frankly I could never give any free time to my wife and family for my very busy national and international commitment. I always had a heart bleeding that I have

A Day in Snow Haven

When you reach the peak of a snow covered mountain top you feel closer to the creator. Your feelings get calmer about the greatness of God.  You get to know how smaller the mankind is compared to greatness of God. A day in the snow covered Mount Buller on 07 August 2014 spent as a

Tutor or Monster?

Puja Singh, a home tutor has brutally beaten up a three and a half years old student, after asking the child's mother to leave the room as it becomes difficult for the child to concentrate in his studies.However, the bedroom CCTV footage visualized the corporal punishment, showing

Unicef needs urgent action

DHAKA: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) new data released on Tuesday show that while prevalence has decreased slightly over the past three decades, rates of progress need to be scaled up dramatically, simply to offset population growth in the countries where

India aims for zero tolerance of corporal punishment

There is an horrific misconception in some societies that beating children help them become better people. All logic and a massive hill of evidence to the contrary is totally ignored. Some people even have the audacity to equate corporal punishment with discipline, which is totally

Brazil vs Germany: A FIFA 2014 Perspective

Shakespeare likes the idea ‘All’s well that ends well’ so much that he wrote a play entitled so. Considering his view with proper respect we should conclude that it does not matter how many goals Brazil conceded but it really matters that they scored one in the last moment. But

Thousand Islands of Hope

The lightning in the horizon brought the smell of rain,  It all starts to melt away, the worries, a long day of pain.  Sweet aroma of homeland, that I still recall, So many memories pass by as lives befall.  Mementos of ones that love, touches of the ones who care,  Urges to

France vs Germany: World Cup 2014

The FIFA ranking of Germany mainly fluctuated from 1 to 3 since 1992, though in some other years it fluctuated and even reached the highest 19 in 2004. And its average is 5 till June 2014.Germany qualified for the semi-finals more times than any other country and they were hardly out

Netherlands vs Costa Rica: World Cup 2014

The whole world was shrouded in tension, suspense and mystery whether Brazil and Argentina would qualify for the semi-finals. And yes, they did qualify. Every one found out what they all had wanted to know about the quarter-final matches. The suspense ended, the mystery was unfolded and

Reinventing Thinking beyond Boundaries to Excel

 Reinventing Thinking beyond Boundaries to Excel has been coordinated at the place of work through perseverance, enthusiasm, interpersonal skill ,adding the value, so that transformation of  persons, groups, institutes with innovative ideas, thoughts, entrepreneurship and technological

The helplessness of a domestic dog and its abilities

There are wild dogs in the forests and the jungles but are domestic ones in or around our houses. The wild ones are ferocious especially because of living together like packs of wolves. But the domestic ones are usually obedient and powerless in our vicinity. There are a lot of stories

White collar crime: Bangladesh Perspective

Every day we observe many sorts of crimes happening around us. These crimes are theft, robbery, murder, snatching, rape, fraud, kidnapping, sedition, invasion, defamation etc. These kinds of crimes are regarded as heinous crimes in our society.  But apart from these kinds of usual

Is printed question paper necessary?

DHAKA: Is a printed question paper necessary in this digital era? A team can make question papers in the morning of the examination day. Then they can email it to the exam centers across the country. MA Mumin from Rajshahi commented to banglanews organized public opinion program on

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