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The champs return with a lesson for the senior Tigers

We are the champions! It is like saying once again “we are the victors” like in 1971. It is an unparallel joy even for those who hardly understand the game of cricket. Whether it is Under – 19 or not, but it is the world champion that matters most. Welcome home boys and

Where is the anti-pollution life saving measures?

I was editing a copy on air pollution and shivered with the thought of my death by suffocation or intoxication. It is worse than smoking as air pollution gives us no choice to save ourselves, while tobacco inhalation is a personal choice. Look at the cigarette packets which are

Why choose a date on a holy day?

I find it funny to see that how one of the country’s most important, if not respected, could invite unnecessary trouble and wastage of national energy--- students screaming, religious bodies condemning and our police engaged in ensuring security.  The most recent one is all the

India’s NRC, CAA and ties with Bangladesh

It was a different India during my recent trip to the neighboring country on a pilgrimage to the shrine of one of Islam’s greatest saint’s, Hazrat Khawaja Mainuddin Chisty (RA) in Ajmer Sharif. There is a special love for Kolkata and also New Delhi as India to me meant these two

BREXIT debate, chaotic political situation and tit bits of 2019 UK elections

The 2019 United Kingdom general election will be held under the provisions of the Early Parliamentary General Election Act 2019 on Thursday 12 December 2019, two and a half years after the previous general election in June 2017. It will be the first UK general election to be held in

Children used for hazardous work knowing about consequences

Majority of child employers are aware of the consequences of hazardous child labor. Yet they use children for doing potentially life-threatening work.  They do not know specifically about child labor related laws and policies and its provisions. They employ children for domestic work

Climate change in Bangladesh and effects

Climate is the average weather condition that prevails over a longer period of time in a given area. For example, average temperature, average precipitation, average sunshine etc. Climate change is any change in the long-term condition of climate variables such as temperature,

Boy & Girl in Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling

El Niño and La Niña El Niño- Little Boy and La Niña- Little Girl come from Spanish word also known as the Christ child. The fishermen of South America mainly the Peruvian used this term around 1600s. El Niño is familiar as an unusual warm water (warm phase) of equatorial Pacific

Suggestions for Comprehensive Medical Education in Bangladesh

No physician's education would be complete without an understanding of the role played by behavioral and social factors in human health and disease, knowledge of the ways in which these factors can be modified, and an appreciation of how personal life experiences influence

BIMRAD – A Light of Good Hope

Like all other nations, Bangladesh also keeps continuing dreaming of economic emancipation and fostering well-being of the people through comprehensive development. In recent parlance of short-term goal of the country, it may be coined as the ascendency to a ‘middle-income country’.

A Real Xinjiang

Last week, the deadly shooting incidents at 2 mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand left 50 people dead, including 5 people of Bangladeshi origin, and many injured.  On the same day, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang sent messages of condolence to express their deep

Arundhati’s talk now at Midas Centre

DHAKA:  Indian novelist Arundhati Roy’s talk will now be held at Midas Centre in city’s Dhanmondi instead of at the Krishibid Institution Bangladesh. The talk is scheduled begin at 6:00 pm on Tuesday (March 5). The registered participants are requested to come half an hour

Plastic found in deepest ocean animals

Animals living in the deepest ocean trenches have been found with plastic fragments in their gut, according to new research published Wednesday showing how manmade pollution reaches into the bowels of the planet. More than 300 million tonnes of plastics are produced annually, and there

Bangladesh originated from movement for Bangla

Former Indian President Pranab Mukherjee said that the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 had its origin in a movement that sought to recognise Bangla as the official language of erstwhile East Pakistan. Those who took part in the Bangladesh liberation movement 48 years ago had one slogan

Posts of Social Media aren’t News

There is no debate now whether the print news paper will stay or survive. Rather the countdown has started when the print news paper will extinct at the spread of the online news paper.   Editor At Large of reputed Singapore based The Strait Times Han Fook Kwang has categorically said

Rohingya genocide and role of international community

Since 25 August, there is a fresh episode of brutally against the Rohingya minority in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. Within three months, at least thousands have been killed and more than 600,000 fled to take shelter in neighbouring Bangladesh.  This is not something new for the

Climate Change Adaptation and Development: Social Dimensions in Focus

By Towrin Zaman, Lamisa Gias, Tamara Tabassum, Shahrin Mannan and Khaled Arafat Climate change has become one of the most debated topics of this century because of the increasing risk it poses to the sustenance of human race.  The change influences long term footprints and also

Shadow of an Ordinary Human Being

by Serajud Dahar Khan  Translation: Nazam Laila    Full of self-affection, I am just a simple human life  Despite not being pure, I love myself the most.  All day and night, and night and day, I remain self-obsessed  Within myself. I express this in clear phrases

Trump’s speech at UN and upcoming Pandora Boxes

Selina Shireen Sikder: President Trump in his first meeting address the UN assembly. Unlike other leaders there is a harsh voice in his speech at UN. He called President of North Korea Kim Jong-un as “Rocket man”. Trump clearly said “Rocket man is on a suicide mission” (BBC,

Nayakraj// A poem by Mohibul Aziz

Nayakraj       -Mohibul Aziz (A poetic tribute to Nayakraj Razzak who left us on August 21, 2017.) It's you who made me truant, Your films on the screen were my lessons. The boy from the alley, a terrible infant, Started measuring life with new emotions. From 'No

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