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Interference of Business Groups in the UNFCCC

DHAKA: With Paris Agreement coming into full effect the next meeting of the Conference of Parties’ (COP), which is all set to kick off, has opened the floor for implementation talk in this year’s UN Climate Conference in Marrakesh at its 22nd session. All the same, Parties shall

Can Hilary beat Trump to make history?

Arafat Parvez DHAKA: Have you seen the famous HBO TV series ‘Game of Thrones’? Well, if you haven’t seen it because its fiction, then there is a better alternative for you. It is very real. It is the 2016 US presidential election. ‘The Game of Thrones’ story involves raw

Policy approach to ensure adaptation against climate change

Government is one of the key actors in shaping policy landscape as well as leading efforts for demonstrating national and global scale decision. Effective formulation and implementation play important roles for creating enabling environment to initiate and confirm actions against climate

Community-based adaptation against climate change

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA: Climate change is affecting all level of people and natural resources. In the changing world, natural renewable resources based adaptation can be identified as a great solution. Poor people in the world, especially in the South Asia, are facing most severe impacts of

Renewable energy, access to a sustainable world

Paris Agreement, the fastest climate accord to be ratified within a year from its adoption – has undoubtedly set off ‘possibilities’ to strengthen concerted global effort to address climate change with the goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and keep global temperature

Fossil fuel, tobacco industries need accountability approach

Fossil fuel burning and tobacco based industries are increasing day by day in the world and both of these are extremely rising in Bangladesh especially in Chittagong division. Fossil fuel burning is imposing significant threats through alternating parameters of different environmental

Momentous negotiations to address global health, climate change

The year 2016 may become a milestone in the history of safeguarding the interest of the earth and its people as the two most important UN conferences, COP22 (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) and COP7 (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), to address climate change and

Non-Conventional Maritime Threats for Bangladesh Security

DHAKA: Non-conventional threats become most important phenomena about maritime security issues, and they come from mostly non-state actors which directly threat maritime security issues. However, Bangladesh is facing most of the maritime security challenges from non-conventional

Accountability for fossil fuel industry: Path to climate justice

DHAKA: Global warming is happening and the primary cause of this change in climate is due to human induced greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels. Today, global warming has already started to effect changes in our environment. It is evident that the situation will only

Ways to Tackle Extremism

DHAKA: We are horrified, we are spellbound! If, we try to find the roots of rising radicalism which are often breaching the fraternity and secularism of the mankind, every corner of the society can be blamed. But this is not the best time for blame game. Still, we have some way out to

Quality education must be another priority now

DHAKA: All European Bangladeshi Association (AEBA) senior executives recently visited Bangladesh to inform the senior policy makers about the Bangladesh Global Summit 2016 that AEBA is organizing in Kuala Lumpur in November. The team met among others ministers of planning, home, and

Where Bangladesh cricket is heading?

DHAKA: Would any cricket enthusiast believe that Bangladesh one of the most successful countries of World Cricket in limited over version in 2015 has not played any bilateral cricket series of any format in 2016? Seven of the twelve months of the year is going to be over soon. The only

Bangladesh in Transition

DHAKA: Bangladesh, the wonderful country of South Asia, is now on crucial transition from lower middle income to middle income country. Consistent achievement of impressive GDP growth over the past decade has put the country firmly on the highway of development. At this take-off stage

Britannia Stirs the Waves

DHAKA: From inside the Ministerial corridors deep within the bowels of the Houses of Parliament to the assorted media frenzy assembled on College Green just a stone’s throw away, the prevailing post-referendum sentiment in Westminster is palpable: this is history in the making. As

Ideal platform for launching development

DHAKA: All Europe Bangladeshi Association (AEBA) is   organizing the two days (November 19th and 20th) Bangladesh Global Summit 2016 (www.bangladeshglobalsummit.com) in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The essence of the convention is establishing a bridge among Bangladeshis living in the

Recent outbreak, our social amenableness

DHAKA: It is scientifically proved that every species feels the necessity to protect their offspring. Then why are human beings becoming self-destructive day by day? They are beating, sexually abusing and sometimes killing children. Maybe, these children are not their own but, this

Diplomatic row after Bangladesh hangs pro-Pak war criminal

Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty On 11 May in Dhaka Central Jail, Bangladesh hanged its fifth and most high-profile war criminal, amidst extraordinary security measures. The execution of Motiur Rahman Nizami, the leader or Amir of the Jamaat-e-Islami, triggered both jubilation and anger

Democracy can only flourish where press can work freely

Today (May 3), we celebrate the World Press Freedom Day.  Established by the United Nations (UN), it offers us an opportunity to celebrate the essential role that press freedom plays in democracy. As President Obama said, World Press Freedom Day is “a time for us to reflect and honor

Reversing the trend of child marriage

There is a new research entitled “Context of child marriage and its implications in Bangladesh” revealing some interesting findings. As appeared in The Daily Sun (March 29, 2016), child marriage has a negative effect on girls’ educational attainment and girls who are married off

“No Turning Back in the Global Fight Against Climate Change”

Marcia Bernicat U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh As people around the globe observe Earth Day today, world leaders are making history at the United Nations in New York.  Over 100 countries will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change, representing their commitment to join it

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