Friday, 31 Mar, 2023


LG to sell phone with curved battery, screen from Nov

DHAKA: LG Electronics will offer a smartphone featuring a curved display and battery in South Korea from next month.The G Flex smartphone will sport a display that curves inward from its top and bottom edges.LG said the device will be fitted with a curved battery that its affiliate LG

LG unveils curved-screen smartphone

DHAKA: LG Electronics unveiled on Monday a curved-screen smartphone, taking on rival Samsung in a niche market seen as a first step on the road to fully flexible products.Despite its name, the ‘G-Flex’ does not bend, but uses flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) to produce a

Wikipedia pilots articles via SMS

DHAKA: Wikipedia has begun piloting a service that sends articles via text message, primarily aimed at users in Africa.The online encyclopaedia has partnered with mobile operator Airtel to offer the free initiative which is being tested out in Kenya.It is hoped the service will be used to

YouTube readying paid music service

DHAKA: Google’s video-sharing arm YouTube is preparing to launch a subscription music service to allow consumers to watch videos and listen to music ad-free.Industry sources said on Friday, reports The Straits Times.Sources familiar with the plans told media, the service is likely to

Samsung apology to Chinese consumers

DHAKA: Samsung Electronics has apologised to Chinese consumers after a report carried on China`s state TV claimed some of its phones were malfunctioning.The report alleged the phones were crashing due to faulty memory chips and criticised its repair policies.Samsung, which generates

Facebook becoming a key player in news

DHAKA: Facebook is becoming a key source of news for users of the huge social network, even if people discover articles mostly by happenstance.A study showed Thursday, reports The Straits Times.The study by the Pew Research Center, in collaboration with the Knight Foundation, found 64 per

Google Chrome adds parental controls

DHAKA: Google has introduced controls to its Chrome web browser that allow parents to monitor and control the browsing behaviour of their children.The new feature, called "supervised users", allows "managers" to set up profiles of the people they want to monitor.Managers can view the

Google most attractive internet brand

Google is India`s most attractive internet brand, says new research by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).With a growth of 31% over last year, India has 74 million internet users. This has helped it surpass Japan to become the world`s third largest Internet user base after China and the

Yahoo beats Google!

For the third month in a row, more Americans visited Yahoo`s websites than Google`s, according to comScore`s internet traffic data for September.The research firm said Yahoo`s websites had 197.8 million unique US visitors last month, while Google`s had 191.4 million. Yahoo was ahead of

Facebook pulls beheading video amid furore

DHAKA: Facebook yanked a beheading video from the social network late Tuesday following outrage over its lifting of a ban on the gory imagery.The flip flop came as Facebook aimed to balance the diverse sensitivities of its billion-plus members with a desire to be a platform for free

Apple shows off iPad Air, iPad Mini

DHAKA: Apple has unveiled a top-of-the-range tablet called the iPad Air that is 20% thinner than the previous version.The 9.7in (24.6cm) computer is 7.5mm (0.3in) thick and weighs 1lb (469g), which the firm claims is the lightest full-sized tablet on the market.It is powered by the same

British PM blasts Facebook over beheading videos

DHAKA: British prime minister David Cameron on Tuesday condemned Facebook as ‘irresponsible’ after the social networking site lifted its ban on users posting videos of beheadings.Cameron said ‘worried parents’ needed to hear an explanation from the US-based website.‘It’s

German state bans student-teacher contact on Facebook

DHAKA: A German state has banned Facebook contact between students and teachers, citing the social media network’s storage of personal data for commercial purposes.Teachers chatting with students online and giving them access to photos and personal information also jeopardises

Nokia launches first tablet, new large screen smartphones

DHAKA: Nokia, whose handset division is to be acquired by Microsoft, launched its first-ever tablet computer in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.The Windows 10-inch screen tablet, Lumia 2520, was one of six devices unveiled, including two so-called ‘phablets’, large screen smartphones.The Nokia

Major piracy site to be shut down

DHAKA: IsoHunt, a popular website offering BitTorrents of mostly pirated material, is to shut down following a court settlement.The site`s owner, Canadian Gary Fung, has agreed to pay $110m (£68m) to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).MPAA chairman Chris Dodd said the move

Apple expected to rev up iPad line

DHAKA: Apple is expected to rev up its iPad line on Tuesday as the tablet market heats up with competition from devices powered by software from Google and Microsoft.Analysts agree that iPads will star at an invitation-only event being held in San Francisco on the cusp of the prime

HTC fingerprint phone unveiled

DHAKA: HTC has announced its latest handset a day earlier than planned after its details leaked on to the net.The Android-powered One Max - which includes a fingerprint scanner and a 5.9in (15cm) screen - had been scheduled to be unveiled at a press conference in China on Tuesday.The

Google to sell users’ endorsements

DHAKA: Those long-forgotten posts on social networks, from the pasta someone photographed to the rant about her dentist, are forgotten no more. Social networks want to make them easier to find, and in some cases, to show them in ads. Google on Friday announced that it would soon be able

Apple to bring iPhone 5s, 5c from 25 Oct

DHAKA: Apple announced it will expand sales of the new iPhone 5s and 5c smartphones to over 25 more countries from 25 October.The list includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, French West Indies, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia,

Malware mastermind suspect arrested

DHAKA: Russian police have reportedly arrested a man on suspicion of masterminding two infamous hacking tools.He is suspected of being the man behind the alias Paunch - the nickname used by the creator of the Blackhole and Cool exploit kits, sold to cybercriminals to infect web users with