Wednesday, 08 Feb, 2023


Facebook is trying to trademark face

Facebook, which has gone after sites with the word "book" in their names, is also trying to trademark the word "face," according to court documents.But the social networking site has met with a familiar foe. As TechCrunch first reported, Aaron Greenspan has asked for an extension of time

China`s Lenovo to launch game console

China`s IT giant Lenovo has said it will launch a video games console this year to vie with Nintendo`s Wii, Microsoft`s XBox 360 and Sony`s PlayStation 3 in the booming motion-gaming market.The company -- China`s biggest computer maker -- has developed a prototype of the eBox console and

BTCL to introduce high-speed Internet from next year

High-speed Internet service with multimedia facility would be introduced under the state-sector telecommunications from next year. Post and Telecommunications Minister Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju unveiled the plan here Saturday, saying that satellite television service would be available on

Japan develops touchable 3D TV technology

Japanese researchers have developed the world`s first 3D TV system where you can touch and feel the images that pop out from the screen. The technology allows users to manipulate the 3D images, giving them the sensation of moving, squashing or stretching them. Six motion-detector

BTCL to introduce high-speed Internet from next year: Raju

NARSINGDI: High-speed Internet service with multimedia facility would be introduced under the state-sector telecommunications from next year. Post and Telecommunications Minister Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju unveiled the plan here Saturday, saying that satellite television service would be

Facebook sues Teachbook over name similarity

Facebook is suing a new teacher’s community website called, for using the word ‘book’ in its name, according to court records. Facebook is understood to have filed the complaint in a Californian district court last Wednesday. The social network, which signed up its

Facebook Chat no longer supported by IE6

Facebook has announced that its instant-messaging feature will not be supported by the Internet Explorer 6 browser from mid September. Surfers using the Internet Explorer 6 browser will not be able to use Facebook`s Chat service from 15 September. The social-networking site has

Google Earth to Go Underwater

Since Google Earth launched in 2006 ­millions of people have used its virtual globe to "travel" around the planet without leaving home, climbing a digital version of Mount Everest and even flying into space thanks to the program. Now the internet company plans to take on one of the last

Woman shatters text-messaging speed record

25.94 seconds. That`s how much time it took Melissa Thompson of Salford, England, to type a complex sentence on a Samsung Galaxy S, which makes her the new Guinness World Record holder for fastest typing on a phone. The sentence for this particular record, as determined by Guinness,

Google Brings Voice Calling to Gmail

Google Inc. is adding a free e-mail feature that may persuade more people to cut the cords on their landline phones. The service unveiled Wednesday enables U.S. users of Google`s Gmail service to make calls from microphone-equipped computers to telephones virtually anywhere in the world.

Dell launches $100 smart phone in US

Dell Inc. said Tuesday its Aero smart phone is now on sale in the U.S. for $99 with a two-year AT&T contract. Dell has been selling similar phones in China and Brazil since late last year and has been promising a U.S. version since January. The Dell Aero uses an older version of Google

Web scam hits iTunes and Paypal

iTunes accounts linked to PayPal have been hacked with a number of users complaining that they have been cleaned out. Apple and PayPal refused to discuss the details of the incident. Experts have told the BBC there is no security hole in iTunes or Apple servers and that it is most

BlackBerry devices getting mobile VoIP support

RIM is catching up with other smartphone brands with the help of a new program bringing mobile VoIP connectivity to BlackBerry devices. Up until now, there hasn’t been a single native VoIP client for the BlackBerry platform, as there have been for smartphones running Android or iPhone

Microsoft probes Halo game breach

Microsoft is investigating how one of the most hotly anticipated Xbox titles of the year appeared on the net three weeks ahead of its official release. Halo Reach, due to be launched on 14 September, appeared on file-sharing sites such as The Pirate Bay. Within hours of being available,

MeeGo software off to good start

Top mobile phone maker Nokia and chip maker Intel said on Tuesday their software joint venture had got off to a solid start. "Take-up is really positive," Mika Setala, director of industry alliances at Nokia, told journalists. "The MeeGo community is active, vibrant," said Martin

HP tries to outbid rival Dell for 3Par

The world`s two biggest personal computer makers are locked in a pricey struggle over which can move away from the PC business the fastest. Computer maker Hewlett Packard (HP) has launched a $1.6bn (£1bn) bid for data storage firm 3PAR, trumping a $1.2bn offer made by rival Dell last

Twelve accused of iTunes scam

Twelve people are to face court accused of using stolen credit cards to buy their own songs on iTunes, police said. A gang is alleged to have created about 20 songs and uploaded them to be sold on the iTunes and Amazon online sites. They are alleged to have used stolen or cloned credit

Lady Gaga to steal Britney Spears` Twitter crown

In a symbolic exchanging of the pop princess crown, Lady Gaga will soon become the world`s top Twitter user by overtaking current champ Britney Spears` number of followers. According to social media statistics service, Gaga recorded 5,635,460 followers earlier today, while

Smartphones to make up over half of Asian sales by 2015

Smartphones will make up over half of Asian mobile phone sales by 2015, with 477 million units likely to be sold, an industry report said Monday. Consultancy Frost and Sullivan said smartphones would account for 54 percent of the Asia-Pacific mobile market in five years, up sharply from

Visa to test cell phone payments

Bank of America Corp, the largest U.S. consumer bank, and Visa Inc, the world`s largest payment processor, plan to begin a test program next month that lets customers use smartphones to pay for purchases in stores.The program, to run from September through the end of the year in the New