Thursday, 08 Jun, 2023


Apple sells 9 million of its new iPhone models

DHAKA: Apple has sold nine million of its new iPhone models in three days.The company said that sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C had beaten previous launches of new phones.Apple said that demand for the 5S had outstripped supply and the company’s shares rose almost 6% following the

India boy bags $1,15,000 offer from Google

DHAKA: India’s Ahmedabad student Smit Sanghvi has bagged an annual salary package of USD 1,15,000 (Rs 93 lakh) plus 125 stock options from Google, US.This is arguably the highest offer ever that an engineering student from Gujarat has bagged, reports The Times of India.Sanghvi has been

Google revamps logo and search page

DHAKA: Google has begun rolling out a redesign of its homepage - the world`s most visited web address.The revamp features a flattened, reshaped logo and replaces the previous menu bar with a smaller range of links on the page`s right-hand side.The move comes in the same month that Yahoo`s

Facebook apologies for dating ad showing

DHAKA: Facebook has apologised for publishing a dating ad featuring a photo of a 17-year-old who had killed herself after complaining of being cyber-bullied.Canadian Rehtaeh Parsons took her own life in April having been severely bullied after a separate photo, showing her alleged rape by

Iran restores Facebook, Twitter blocks removed

DHAKA: The Iranian authorities have restored blocks on Facebook and Twitter after a ‘technical glitch’ briefly removed filters from the social networks overnight.The semi-official Mehr news agency quoted Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, from the board overseeing the internet in Iran, as saying

Gmail preferred by terrorists: Ex-NSA chief

DHAKA: Former CIA and NSA chief Micheal Hayden has said Gmail is the most preferred email service for communication among terrorist outfits.According to a Washington Post report, while defending the alleged snooping programmes sanctioned by the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act

Online shoppers jam-packed in classified ad marketplace

DHAKA: Infused with brand new innovative ideas, a barter ground is becoming increasingly popular among shoppers around the country. Here, anyone can sell their stuffs as a seller and also buy things as a buyer at the same time without any additional charge. It’s called, a

Yahoo acquires ad-service, URL-shortener Bread

DHAKA: Yahoo said on Saturday that it acquired tech company Bread, a URL shortener that allows users to design then target advertisements to readers who click on their links.‘Through this acquisition, we`re gaining a team of six engineers and product managers who will join our

Ford car takes control of steering to avoid collisions

DHAKA: A car that takes control of the steering wheel when it detects the risk of a collision is being tested at a research facility in Germany.Ford said the Obstacle Avoidance system first warned the driver of danger and then took charge if they did not react.The firm said the equipment

Sharing, With a Safety Net

DHAKA: The reckless rants and pictures they post online can often get them in trouble, by compromising their chances of getting into a good college or even landing them in jail. What to do about such lapses vexes parents, school officials, the Internet companies that host their words and

Apple "not in the junk business": CEO

DHAKA: Apple has no intention of competing in the "junk" segment of the electronics market, chief executive Tim Cook says.In an interview published Thursday as Apple prepared to launch sales of two new iPhones, Cook said he remains unfazed by Apple`s eroding share of the smartphone

Twitter takes first step towards going public

DHAKA: Twitter has filed for an initial public offering with US regulators, the company said, taking the first step toward what would be Silicon Valley’s most anticipated debut since Facebook Inc’s last year.The impending IPO of the microblogging phenomenon ignited a competition among

Samsung invests $635.5 million in new China facility

DHAKA: Samsung Electronics will invest US$500 million to build a packaging and testing facility in north-western China.The official China Daily reported on Saturday, as South Korea’s biggest company expands operations in China.Samsung’s new plant investment comes on the heels of last

Microsoft offers $200 for used iPads

DHAKA: Microsoft has launched a US marketing offer for people to exchange "gently used" iPads for Microsoft products such as Surface tablets.The company is offering at least a $200 token to go towards products such as the Surface RT and the Surface Pro.Microsoft is far behind Apple in

FB testing vids that will autoplay on mobile news feed

DHAKA: A small group of people using Facebook’s iOS and Android apps will see videos that start playing as soon as they appear in News Feed.Facebook videos that play whether you want them to or not are headed to the mobile News Feed for a small group of people.The social network said

World`s first `invisible` tower

DHAKA: For architecture buffs numbed by the ongoing global battle to crank out record-breaking tall buildings, here`s something innovative to spark the imagination.The South Korean government has granted approval to begin construction on the world`s first "invisible" tower.Designed by

New iPhone app in US targets child predators

DHAKA: The US Department of Homeland Security enlisted smartphone users in its fight against child pornography on Thursday with an iPhone app intended to make it easy to report suspected child predators.The Operation Predator app lets informants submit information via email or a telephone

Yahoo now 800 million users

DHAKA: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says the internet company now has about 800 million worldwide users, a 20% increase since she was lured away from Google 15 months ago to steer a turnaround.The gain disclosed Wednesday at a technology conference in San Francisco is the latest evidence of

iPhone 5C is not cheap as expected

The cheaper 5C, the other device unveiled, was described by Apple`s chief designer Sir Jonathan Ive as "beautifully, unapologetically plastic", and will cost $549 (£469) without a contract.The 5C comes with a choice of five back cases in a spectrum ranging from coral pink to yellow. It

Apple launches iPhone 5S, cheaper 5C

Apple has for the first time unveiled a cheaper smartphone, named the iPhone 5C. It has almost the same specifications as iPhone 5 which was launched as the company`s flagship device last year, but in a plastic body.The iPhone 5C is cheaper than all iPhones launched till last year, and is