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Are errors in textbooks mere mistakes?

Almost all common citizens of our country like me believe that Bangladesh is a Muslim majority, peaceful and non-communal country.  A citizen here either Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist and Christian is usually friendly towards his next-door neighbour. There is no lack of honest

ABG Limited ushers in new era for women’s football

During pre-independence days it was beyond my imagination that Bengali girls would play football alongside boys, represent the country in the international arena, bring laurels for the nation by playing football with extraordinary skills, and hold the country’s flag high. But thanks

Tawbah (repentance): Concept, method and benefit

Tawbah is one of the most beautiful blessings of Allah upon His servants. It can purify anyone from sins and misdeeds and make him innocent. Allah (SWT) says: It is He who accepts the repentance of His servants and excuses their misdeeds and knows what you do. (al-Qur’an, surah

Importance of India’s G20 presidency

G20 is the alliance of 20 countries having top economies in the world. India has got the responsibility of president of the alliance this year and they’ve arranged this international summit. The matter of India’s taking responsibility as president in the face of strong

Bashundhara Group patronises country’s sports

In the present world sponsorship is a major part of the survival and progress of sports. Commercial sponsors or corporate bodies are playing a key role behind the screen. They patronise sports tournaments and competitions in every country, either capitalist or socialist. Olympics is

BNP wants to bring one-eleven not caretaker government

Bangladesh has completed 51 years of victory. In Bangladesh, Victory Day means joy and celebration. Throughout December, the country is full of festivities. But this time it was different. Political tension dampened our victory celebrations to some extent. BNP held a mass rally in Dhaka

Climate refugees: need to priority set for ensuring work opportunities in Bangladesh

Climate refugees are now not a new thing at all. Climate refugees experience adverse impacts on their livelihoods due to sudden or gradual changes in the environment; due to which they are forced to live temporarily or permanently in the country or outside the country. The adverse

At G20, time to take the India model to the world

India will formally take over as President of the G20 tomorrow. This is an exceptional responsibility at an especially challenging time for the global community. India’s Presidency of the influential G20 would be a historic first for the nation. The G20 Presidency would be the most

India's G20 presidency to promote the universal sense of one-ness

The previous 17 presidencies of the G20 delivered significant results for ensuring macro-economic stability, rationalising international taxation, relieving debt burden on countries, among many other outcomes. We will benefit from these achievements, and build further upon them.

Problems never end and are always endless

Problems never end and it's always endless but their agility and scientific forecast are common phenomena in the cross-functional organizational team. Today, the application and its actions and responses can identify many potential causes of problems. Problems consist of many root

Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022: Drafting a blueprint to provide constructive global leadership

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, exacerbated by the Ukraine conflict, has evoked the threat of global recession, high inflation, and an energy and food crisis. The collateral has been the slowing down of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate actions. Moreover, the world

Climate penalty” from pollution and climate change

The interaction between pollution and climate change will impose an additional “climate penalty” for hundreds of millions of people, according to a new bulletin from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).  The WMO Air Quality and Climate Bulletin reports annually

Enhance food security

Food security is a challenging issue in the present world. It means having both physical and economic access of an individual to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life at all times. However, food security of a country does not always guarantee that all its people will enjoy

Renewing teaching methods

It is no denial that if a lawyer fails in the trials repeatedly, he or she becomes known as an infamous lawyer to the clients. Similarly, a doctor becomes infamous when his/her patients face ill-fate. A teacher can never be a resource to students and nation when his or her teaching hardly

SUCCESS is a POWER GLASS but sometimes it goes up and goes down!

Living on the planet, people are always crazy for SUCCESS and it is true that there is no hard and fast rule on how you can achieve it. Asking the history of success, everyone tells success is more than drinking a glass of cold water after massive hard work, discomfort, and distress.

Sayem Sobhan Anvir: who touched the pinnacle of success

His continual progression between the insurmountable destination of dreams and possibilities Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, chairman of Bashundhara Group, the nation's leading industrial conglomerate, was a visionary who visualised the nation's and its people's success. His son Sayem

So Called Bosses are at TOXIC WORKPALCES!!

Now a days it is more prevalent at the work place that the bosses are the bosom of the management who always rush to talk, to excite others, to feel burn out and to relish gossiping at all times. Is there any quick approach to make those bosses are visible at the work station? Either a

Climate change adversely affects children: Coastal salinity behind child marriage

UNICEF study has revealed how climate change is adversely affecting children's lives. Children and teenagers are paying the price in various ways including child marriage, child labor, and malnutrition. Coastal salinity is a new cause of child marriage. Rubina Akhtar living in

No reason for Bangladesh to be defaulter/ face Sri Lanka like bankruptcy crisis

Since gaining independence, Bangladesh has successfully repaid its foreign debt in order to maintain its sterling reputation abroad, according to analysts. Few eminent economists noted that the nation has never defaulted on foreign loans due to its careful management of external debt,

90’s Eid in my memory

Back when my age was eight or nine, Eid holidays spanned from 15 days to a month, and not a single day of my "holiday" was hotchpotch, which we experience now.  Those were the good time to relax, wake up late, tumbling into bed. It was around 1996 or 97 when I used to

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